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meeting prep template is a meeting prep sample that gives infomration on meeting prep design and format. when designing meeting prep example, it is important to consider meeting prep template style, design, color and theme. is it to have a discussion or plan the next steps? a meeting agenda is an outline of all the activities and discussion points to cover during a meeting in order to reach the meeting goal/s. in these instances, you need to design the whole meeting agenda from scratch. share the meeting goals and the agenda (regardless of whether you already shared it or plan to share it later – make it available in the invite as well).

meeting prep overview

attach a link to slido to the meeting agenda or to the meeting invite and ask your colleagues to type their ideas into the app. if there’s material that you want your meeting participants to review before the meeting, or if there’s something that you want your team to prepare, communicate it well in advance. it’s a way to make your meetings more democratic – you’ll give everyone a voice – and engaging – you’ll involve everyone in co-creating the meeting and influencing its outcomes. lastly, make sure you have the meeting room arrangements figured out – whether you’re meeting in an actual room or in a virtual one. organizations that want to make sure their teams align know that regular all-hands meetings are important for creating a positive company… whether you’re running a meeting, hosting a training, webinar, or speaking at an event, polls are your best friend.

regardless, for those facilitating, we often have a checklist of things we need to do to be adequately prepared. you know what they say: “fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. meeting agendas are a must-have if you want everybody to be as prepared as you will be. also, remind everyone to arrive on time so you can kick things off and wrap up as planned. some good questions to ask: could this meeting be an email or a message on teams or slack? once you define the purpose then draft up a plan and add it to the agenda. or will you be leading the meeting and actively presenting?

meeting prep format

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meeting prep guide

by defining what you will do, you can create goals and tasks for yourself and identify tasks and must-dos that can be delegated to others. researching fellow attendees can help you identify common interests or expertise to help you ease into the meeting and discussions. however you plan on communicating your message, you will want to have your tool or software of choice ready to go. tech is crucial for the success of hybrid and remote or virtual meetings and less when discussing face-to-face meetings. in other words, this is a great way to learn the lay of the land immediately as you walk into the room. this can be the perfect way to uncover areas that need tweaking for the next time around. so too can you create a final slide to note down summary points, who will do what immediately once you leave the room, and so on. this will cut down your workload in the future and is perfect for recurring meetings.

you can download or copy this meeting prep checklist as a googledoc. the sum of that research a simple set of values and practices for better meetings used by high-performing teams. to easily identify the purpose of a meeting, examine the why behind it. in other words, your purpose is the reason your meeting exists, i.e. also, remember for when the meeting happens, your meeting notes do not need to be a verbatim accounting of everything that happened. well, often people don’t see the agenda until they show up in a meeting, which gives them no time to prepare their thoughts. having the agenda outside of the calendar makes it much harder for someone to match it to the meeting. look at your attendee list and think carefully about who needs to be invited to your meeting.

if you’ve clearly defined the purpose of your meeting, it should be straightforward to select only the relevant participants. when you send the invite, if at all possible, schedule the meeting so it’s clustered around other meetings for your participants—although not so many hours of meetings they’re likely to be exhausted. at the end of your meeting, all action items should be assigned to a directly responsible individual (dri). this isn’t part of your meeting prep, but it can be helpful to think about when preparing for a meeting. who wasn’t invited to the meeting but should know about what happened? however, you should know who the dri is, and you hopefully have a sense of when the task will be completed or moved along. as part of the short (and free) guide to vital, you can also download a free printable copy of our meeting room cheat sheet and hang it up in your conference room (or your home office). here’s the best way to assign tasks and action items — so that everything gets done on time.