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meeting layout template is a meeting layout sample that gives infomration on meeting layout design and format. when designing meeting layout example, it is important to consider meeting layout template style, design, color and theme. that means the classic meeting room setup— the long-table with a phone on it and a wall-mounted screen—isn’t enough for employees to feel they need to come in to hold meetings and collaborate. no one wants to go into a meeting or conference room setup with tech that doesn’t work or offer tools for true collaboration. that means rooms need to be equipped with the right technology and have a layout that allows everyone to participate easily and equally—no matter where they are. the key is being flexible and allowing for more than one type of layout within your office.

meeting layout overview

ideal setup for: lectures, training sessions, or presentations where the focus is on the presenter, and participants primarily need to take notes and listen. ideal setup for: workshops, team-building activities, or events for larger groups where attendees need to work in small groups while still having access to a central presentation. poor guidelines and policies around meeting room booking can lead to wasted productivity, frustration due to double booking or meetings that run over time, and lack of access to the resources employees need to run meetings. while the tech you choose for your meeting rooms depends on your teams’ specific needs, there are a few pieces of conference room equipment that you can use to make an excellent experience a baseline you can build from later. learn how robin can give you the tools you need to start improving your workplace today.

the good news is we’ve narrowed down some the best and most popular meeting room layouts to help you get started. for this layout you’ll need to designate a section that acts as the visual focal point of the room. guests will have the option to sit, but with a layout like this they’ll be more than tempted to mingle. create a layout similar to a boardroom style floor plan with long rectangular tables forming a square in the center of the room. if you don’t need a central focal point and want to make things a little more interesting, this might be the right layout for you.

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meeting layout guide

use this layout for smaller versions of meetings that don’t have the space for the boardroom layout or want to use a single facilitator at the head of the arrangement. the crescent or half-moon layout is reminiscent of the banquet layout but with half the chairs missing at each table and on a much smaller scale. while this can be casual like the lounge layout, a mixed seating layout has more to do with chairs and height than anything else. now that you know the types of event layouts, how to best use them, and how to bring them to life, you’re ready to move to the next stage in planning your event! as long as you keep this in mind, you’ll always make the right decision when it comes to your event layout.

if you are hosting a meeting, one of the most important considerations is the meeting room layout. a conference room layout is the set up of chairs and tables in a conference space. an interactive whiteboard or alternative, like those sold at avocor, could be installed on any of the walls. the speaker will stand at the open end of the u shape, and they can give a presentation here. because people usually have a table with lots of space, this style is excellent for taking down notes. this type of meeting room is excellent for companies with remote workers, as they can join the meeting virtually via the interactive display. this isn’t the best meeting room layout for presentations, as the participants will all be facing away from a wall – so there is nowhere to mount an interactive display.

it consists of rows of people facing the front as they would in a theatre or university lecture hall. this type of meeting is often casual and especially good for networking events, as participants are likely to chat to the others at their table. the main difference between banquet and cabaret style is that participants will usually sit at the back of the table and watch a presentation or speaker at the front. this type of meeting is typically more formal than banquet style – it may be more focused on the speaker or panel and less on the table participants – but less formal than lecture style. meeting participants all have tables in front of them to take notes or place other items. presentation style meetings are usually larger meetings with an interactive display at the front and rows of people facing the presentation. the perfect layout depends mainly on the number of people at the meeting, the room size, how formal it is and what is being discussed. every meeting is different, and one company may use several meeting room styles!