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meeting discussion template is a meeting discussion sample that gives infomration on meeting discussion design and format. when designing meeting discussion example, it is important to consider meeting discussion template style, design, color and theme. the ideas are similar to team building meetings, morning meeting ideas, virtual morning meeting ideas and community building activities. at the end of the meeting, count the scores and give a prize to the team with the highest tally. this meeting theme enables the group to take stock of accomplishments and can inspire the team to keep moving forward. these special guests can take part in the group discussion or give a talk to the team. you can gauge what subjects interest the group and reach out to an expert to pay the team a visit. even if the group works in the same building, this meeting can be a novelty and a welcome change of pace. or, you can bring your team to the center to volunteer for a couple of hours and meet aftward. or leave the activity just for fun, such as “battle of the cannolis.” recess gives team members a chance to play and embrace their inner child.

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the point of the exercise is to give employees a break and re-energize the team. when time runs out, team members take a seat, and the meeting host guides the group through the mural of ideas. if there is a topic in need of further discussion, then the teammate can have a private conversation after the meeting or the team can circle back to the topic in the future. for example, you can open the meeting by having attendees retrieve materials they will need to complete a team building exercise during the meeting. team members can give each other encouragement, and announcing the goal can create a sense of accountability that makes participants follow-through and take action. team members can take turns confessing to mess-ups, and you can even award a fail-of-the-week. each member of the team can tell a little bit about themselves, and established team members can ask the new hire questions or give advice. out of the box team meeting ideas are unusual and unexpected activities and topics for meetings.

as a leader, this is the last thing you want — and precisely why you need to think through and plan your team meeting topics in advance. a good rule of thumb is that the updates need to be connected to the work of other team members in the meeting (i.e. the point of covering goals in your team meetings isn’t only to ensure your team doesn’t forget what you’re working towards. this will help build trust, foster transparency, improve accountability, and give your reports permission to be open about their own mistakes, instead of brushing them under the rug. set aside a few minutes for your reports to formally recognize other people on the team — for big and small accomplishments alike.

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of course, if it’s going to be a long brainstorm, we recommend taking it beyond a topic on your agenda and conducting a separate brainstorming meeting. team meetings are a good place to share news related to your organization, customers, and competitors. this helps provide opportunities for your team to learn. plus, it allows you to protect your team’s time by giving other team leaders an opportunity to connect with them in a structured way. don’t be afraid to switch things up, see what works, and hopefully have a little fun in the process!

your team meetings are a frequent and reliable outlet to create a foundation of psychological safety by helping your team form strong bonds. for example:  you could even ask team members to submit icebreaker questions ahead of your meetings so that they have some control over what they share and learn. use a simple meeting agenda template to collaborate with your team and plan an intentional, organized, and actionable discussion. it’s called the progress principle, which states that “of all the things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work.” if you want everybody to walk out of your team meeting with a clear idea of what they should focus on, try the 5 things workflow. the 4ls retrospective asks team members to identify what they loved, loathed, learned, and longed for in a recent project, event, or sprint of work.

this exercise is a simple way to reflect back on your work together, get better insight into other peoples’ experiences, and improve as a team moving forward. remote meetings don’t always lend themselves to nonverbal cues, and it’s challenging to get a sense of how team members are feeling. there are simple ways you can get a feel for the overall mood of your team members ahead of a meeting, like asking them to share a gif to describe their day or use an emoji reaction to summarize their current frame of mind. people probably have their default spots for your team meetings, but a change of scenery can help boost motivation and creativity. your team meetings are your most frequent and regular chance to pull everybody together into one conversation.