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lunch and learn agenda template is a lunch and learn agenda sample that gives infomration on lunch and learn agenda design and format. when designing lunch and learn agenda example, it is important to consider lunch and learn agenda template style, design, color and theme. the primary purpose of a lunch and learn is for employees to engage in a formal curriculum that builds professional skills. one of the most valuable uses of a lunch and learn program is cross-training: when an employee teaches their daily responsibilities to coworkers. to implement this style of lunch and learn, send out a form and allow employees to submit their own topics for consideration. a presentation during the lunch hour gives you a platform to communicate the changes directly and in the context of your company’s mission. these skills may be internalized for some reps, but others might be able to use more time developing the skill at a lunch and learn.

lunch and learn agenda overview

you can’t expect that anyone will show up to your lunch and learn if you plan it a day in advance. additionally, as excited as you might be about planning a new lunch and learn program for each day of the week, you’ll probably be overdoing it. or, if it was a group event, leave resources and tools available for employees to conduct the lesson on their own. it’s a safe bet to err on the side of caution and make the lunch and learn event voluntary. for example, you wouldn’t want to have a physical icebreaker activity at the start of a lunch and learn as people will want to eat once the food has been served. free food can be a distraction if the content of the lunch and learn is not actionable.

a single leader can serve as the coordinator for lunch and learns, or a team of workers can share the responsibility. if you have several lunch and learns scheduled in advance, then you can share the listing to entice workers to sign up as soon as possible. you can create a lunch and learn that introduces the concept of soft-skill development and schedule follow-up sessions to address these skills in greater detail. though not all employees are born writers, having a forum that explains the basics in specific detail and allows workers to ask questions can foster improvement. because it is nearly impossible for employees to understand the roles of other workers fully, you can use your lunch and learn as an opportunity for cross-training.

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your career advancement lunch and learn may focus on internal growth within the company, or you may expand the conversation to include external opportunities in other industries. it may be difficult to predict how long the conversation in your lunch and learn will continue. instead, you may choose to have an initial session with a speaker and schedule follow-up sessions for only you and the team. because learning is the ultimate purpose of the lunch and learn, be sure to involve the audience during the presentation. you run an office lunch and learn similarly to other work-related meetings.