lessons learned agenda template

lessons learned agenda template is a lessons learned agenda sample that gives infomration on lessons learned agenda design and format. when designing lessons learned agenda example, it is important to consider lessons learned agenda template style, design, color and theme. a lessons learned meeting is where the team gets together to discuss what went well and what didn’t go so well on the project. the objective of the meeting is primarily to uncover things that worked so the team can do more of those or share the information with other teams. before you can facilitate the meeting, you have to have a meeting booked. the discussion goes faster and is more productive if people have spent time thinking about what worked and what didn’t for them personally before they show up. we often start with what went well and get teams to talk about different categories or areas of the project so we can group experiences together.

lessons learned agenda format

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you’ll want to make sure the criticisms and negative points are raised in a way that does not apportion blame. often, when people have the opportunity to be heard, they can then phrase their experiences in a more constructive way during the meeting. facilitating a lessons learned discussion can be all-absorbing so it’s often useful to have another person in the room responsible for note-taking. it’s one thing to identify lessons learned, and it’s a totally different step to act on the lessons and make the improvements you discussed. lessons learned meetings are a powerful way to identify evidenced-based improvements, so make the most of that time with your team and work out constructive steps for delivering your projects more effectively, every time.