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lab meeting agenda template is a lab meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on lab meeting agenda design and format. when designing lab meeting agenda example, it is important to consider lab meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. while much of what we do at lab meetings is pretty standard, i also know from discussions with others that some of the things we do at my lab meetings are less common, and that we don’t do some things that other labs do a lot. this includes: which of the above things we do at any one lab meeting tends to be haphazard. “what i’ve been reading”: i know that a lot of labs have routine lab meetings (say, once a month) where everyone is supposed to talk briefly about a paper they read recently that they thought was good or noteworthy, and that would be of general interest to the group. the lab where i’m post-docing is light on lab meetings and those we do have tend to just be “here’s my proposal seminar”. i have a small group, so i don’t feel the need to use lab meetings as a vehicle to catch everyone up on what everyone else is doing. to be honest, i do things the way i do them because that’s the way we did them when i was a grad student.

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and we don’t have lab meetings in the summers. we came up with a pretty good list of books this time, but it would be awesome to have an ongoing list of books that people have read for lab meetings– perhaps this could be a poll that you host on de! i hope not, because if i ever had a lab of my own i would like to have them (although i would be sure to ask the editor). i am new to being in charge of lab meetings and i am working in a different environment than i am used to. it definitely can be tricky to choose a paper that is interesting but accessible to everyone in the lab, and i definitely tend to look for a different kind of paper for “popcorn” lab meetings. two thoughts about that: 1. we have found that having one person responsible for the paper often leads to others not reading it especially if there is a summary in the beginning. i really like the breakfast idea cause at my old lab we had friday afternoon beers and i don’t drink beer and always felt a bit left out even if i did have a soda.

meetings will be listed on the lab calendar. meetings are in person where preferable, although it is usually possible to join by zoom, using the same lab meeting link. lab meetings are the regular opportunity for the whole group to come together to talk about science, and about important logistics. the goal of lab meeting is for everyone in the room, including the presenter(s), to learn things that are useful to their work. please give at least a week’s notice of any changes to the schedule, as it is much easier to reorganise a meeting at the previous week’s lab meeting rather than later. the purpose of these lab meetings is to communicate and to exchange useful ideas, not to simply “update”, nor to impress.

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the presentation must be accessible to all of them, which requires thoughtful prioritisation of what you choose to present. a well-thought-out lab meeting will strengthen your future work, by enabling a productive conversation with the group about your ideas and plans. conversely, it is the responsibility of everyone else in the lab meeting to engage with the presenter and the presentation. we all bring value to lab meetings, and for each of us there are very many things we don’t know; if one person has a question, it’s likely other people have the same question. we did these on thursdays at 11am “opposite” to the synthsys ocm thursdays, also on a different day on the lab calendar. project students should find these guidelines useful to make the most of their meetings with the pi and any co-supervisors, although the meetings may have a different frequency or format. we will try to schedule 1-1 meetings using the outlook calendar meeting invite service.

establishing and cultivating a lab culture through regular meetings can have a profound impact on the productivity of a group as well as of individual lab members. how should each meeting be structured and carried out so that the goals and objectives of the lab and its participants are met? as with in-person meetings, it is important to establish rules and roles in the videoconferencing environment. (a) a hierarchical approach to the design and implementation of productive lab meetings. for instance, the broad objectives of a lab group could be to enhance scholarly learning and practice critical thinking within an inclusive venue. accessibility here refers to the degree to which lab meetings are attended by and welcoming/supportive to as many people as relevant.

ideally, the lab meeting is intentionally designed from a people-centric approach where members want to participate because they feel a sense of community, camaraderie, and support. here, we consider the lab meeting setting to be part and parcel of academic workplaces. dissent can be a hallmark of a thriving and stimulating lab meeting environment where diverse perspectives are valued [46] and is especially important to research. the first step can be for lab members to intentionally discuss implicit biases in a lab meeting (see rule 3); for example, lab members can facilitate an open dialogue on combating biases within and outside of lab meeting interactions. we are grateful to caitlin hurd (/) for the illustration of a collaborative and productive lab meeting (fig 1). we are grateful to the various other lab members and visitors who contributed to our lab discussions since 2018 and conversations that helped set the background for developing guidelines for productive meetings.