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huddle meeting agenda template is a huddle meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on huddle meeting agenda design and format. when designing huddle meeting agenda example, it is important to consider huddle meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. as described in the scrum guide, the purpose of the meeting is to “inspect progress toward the sprint goal and adapt the sprint backlog as necessary, adjusting the upcoming planned work”. note: geekbot is a free tool that lets you run asynchronous daily huddles inside of slack and ms teams. but when you run your huddle synchronously, people may get off topic, engage in side conversations, or try to solve problems right then and there. they get up from their computer and leave the line of code they were working on, only to attend a meeting that goes on for twice as long as it should have. with synchronous huddles, attendees often find themselves sitting through long updates that aren’t applicable to their work. for example, let’s say you have a team of 9 people at your daily huddle.

huddle meeting agenda format

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4. if needed, you can comment on updates that require your attention (by creating a thread that keeps the channel clutter-free): because geekbot is asynchronous, you don’t have to be on the same call or in the same room as everyone else to do your daily huddle. you don’t have to fill out your answers immediately and can save it for a more convenient time. in addition, with geekbot you can optionally set up personal reminders (i.e., send a follow up notification in slack after 30 minutes, then after an hour, then 2 hours, and so on). this way, “[geekbot] doesn’t become annoying and continues to be used.” again, after your team fills out their daily huddle, their responses are shared in the slack channel or ms teams channel that you chose. this is a lot faster than sitting in a room while listening to someone’s update that has nothing to do with your day. geekbot can be used for retrospectives, one-on-one meetings, sending surveys and polls, and has even been used by educators for well-being checks. experience quick, asynchronous standups in slack and microsoft teams.