governance meeting template

governance meeting template is a governance meeting sample that gives infomration on governance meeting design and format. when designing governance meeting example, it is important to consider governance meeting template style, design, color and theme. the governance meeting process is designed to make structural changes to the organization, e.g. they follow a structured process and are held by the circle’s facilitator. it is slightly different in holacracy v4.1, but its core mechanisms are the same. the owner of the agenda item becomes the “proposer.” it is their space to describe the tension and make a proposal to resolve it. alternatively, the proposer can request some discussion in order to get to a proposal. see the exact criteria in the holacracy constitution article 5.3.1. anyone can ask questions to better understand the proposal. it’s not allowed to use clarifying questions to give an opinion about the proposal.

governance meeting overview

one at a time, each person reacts to the proposal as they see fit. reactions are the only step of the governance meeting when people can speak freely. although the proposer can modify the proposal however they want, the goal is for the proposer to amend it only if they found a better way to address their tension. the proposer also gets the opportunity to raise an objection. testing objections means asking questions to the objector to reveal whether the objection means the criteria of a valid objection defined in the holacracy constitution (article 5.3.2). for each objection, the facilitator facilitates a discussion to help integrate the objection. each person can share a closing reflection about the meeting.

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governance meeting format

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governance meeting guide

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