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if you haven’t worked with this app before, search for a tutorial that will guide you through all the steps of importing digital planner and start using it with your ipad and apple pencil. a simple personal planner for your tablet or device is the easiest way to stay organized. download a weekly planner, a goal planner to check off things on your to do list for the month or year. stay on track of your fitness and nutrition schedule with dedicated daily workout planners, meal planners for the day, month, week or even year. upload any one of these pdfs and use the planners with your ios or android device, and never miss a meeting or lose a series of phone numbers again. enjoy this collection of the best digital planners and create a personalized experience with unique covers, planners suited to your productivity needs, and amazing results.

whatever i have to face in a day, i know that i have a planner that is easily accessible, lightweight, and user friendly. regardless of where you get your digital planner, a good thing to keep in mind when shopping is the planner’s hyperlinks. you want your digital planner to do all the hard work for you, so when you’re shopping around for a planner, keep those hyperlinks in the forefront of your mind. write mode is where you want to be in order to actually start writing in the planner. now that you can use your hyperlinks and write on your planner, it’s all about making sure you’re in the right mode to use your tools. that is really going to be the thing that makes your digital planner worthwhile. right next to the color select is where you can set your pen thickness.

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the next tool on the toolbar, to the right of the eraser, is the highlighter. this is all customizable in the same way as i mentioned above, and is specific to the highlighter tool. the only thing to be aware of is that if you select any part of a letter or object, it will include it in the lasso. with the lasso tool, you can convert your handwriting to text and then share that text. i have questions all the time about how to use stickers with a digital planner. is the phrase “so much to do, so little time” the mantra of your current season of life? let us teach you the wash-rinse-repeat-style, step-by-step process to organize absolutely anything.