fun meeting agenda template

fun meeting agenda template is a fun meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on fun meeting agenda design and format. when designing fun meeting agenda example, it is important to consider fun meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. you can provide a couple of minutes for people to jot down their thoughts and even make a course of action for the week. if your team is comfortable sitting close and being very informal, bring a blanket to spread on the grass. call ahead to organize a tour of their premises, and if they work directly with the public, you could ask if the team can volunteer for an hour. if the team feels a scheduled meeting isn’t needed that week, they can decide to use their meeting pass. divide the group into teams and give each team a different set of materials to create a product that solves a problem for either your company or your team. plan to give a food card or a restaurant gift certificate to the winner.

fun meeting agenda format

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then each person should grab a plane and brainstorm for 5 minutes on how to solve the other person’s problem. give your team a chance to pitch outlandish and big ideas similar to a shark tank pitch. this activity is a fun and non-threatening way for a remote employee to share something personal during the meeting time. spend the time you had scheduled for the meeting to send out gift cards to your team. have everyone draw a picture of a current roadblock or problem that needs to be solved and then trade it with the person next to them. pick a book to bring new skills to the team and discuss a monthly reading.