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forward agenda template is a forward agenda sample that gives infomration on forward agenda design and format. when designing forward agenda example, it is important to consider forward agenda template style, design, color and theme. the forward agenda is a plan to move wisconsin forward as people from across the state implement these ideas and lead with distinction in their communities. wisconsin believes in the rule of law, and local police should not facilitate a catch-and-release policy for people breaking any law. there are challenges we have to work through with body cameras, no doubt, but the fundamental reality remains that when we entrust the state’s power of lifeand death to a human being, we can rightly expect accountability and transparency for how that power is used. for the foreseeable future, we need a strategy that focuses foremost on investing in workers, not necessarily in tax breaks to bring in employers. we also need to make sure we keep our focus on the real engines of the economy: our small businesses and entrepreneurs. we need to pass a law guaranteeing parents and taxpayers have total access to the curriculum used in their schools. especially with an influx of new state and federal education dollars, we must remain vigilant to ensure dollars go into the classroom.

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we should have a goal that no student is stuck on a waitlist or dependent on the luck of a lottery for a decent education. we need to tackle all three of these aspects of our health system. through smart management of public agencies and wise stewardship of taxpayer dollars, we can continue to reduce the burden of state government on wisconsin families. we also need to increase our ballot security to ensure the hard-to-cheat part of our policy. we should never allow government to infringe on the rights of an individual’s medical freedom. at every level of the judicial system, we need judges who are vigilant in the protection of our rights and faithful in the application of legal texts. we may have traded railroads for amazon and facebook, but the story sounds awfully familiar.