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finance committee agenda template is a finance committee agenda sample that gives infomration on finance committee agenda design and format. when designing finance committee agenda example, it is important to consider finance committee agenda template style, design, color and theme. the nantucket finance committee is established by the town to make recommendations to annual or special town meeting on the articles presented in the warrant. during the months of january up to the annual town meeting, the committee meets numerous times, often as frequently as 2 or 3 times a week. during the course of its meeting the committee hears from and asks questions of most department heads and town committees which are sponsors of, or interested in, the articles included in the town annual or any special meeting. the finance committee was initially established by the town by-laws in 1925. the duties are spelled out in the by-law section 11-4 and 5 as follows: a. to thoroughly investigate all articles on the warrant of annual and special town meetings and to have its decision of recommendations or disapproval printed, after the article so investigated, on said warrant and said recommendations to appear in some medium of general circulation in nantucket prior to the date of the town meeting at which such recommendations shall come before the town.

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82, approved 7-24-1989] b. to investigate the expenditures of any moneys by the town officials and notify the select board in writing as to whether or not, in its opinion, the expenditure is or was justified. c. to operate as the capital program committee of the town of nantucket and have all rights and duties of such committee at any time such capital program committee fails or neglects to act. [added 4-10-1989 atm, art. 82, approved 7-24-1989] the finance committee is authorized to approve requests for extraordinary or unforeseen expenditures of town departments, boards or commissions operating with an enterprise fund accounting system within the meaning of the general laws of the commonwealth of massachusetts.