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executive session agenda template is a executive session agenda sample that gives infomration on executive session agenda design and format. when designing executive session agenda example, it is important to consider executive session agenda template style, design, color and theme. one of the primary purposes of the open meeting act is to ensure that an association’s members have the opportunity to attend board meetings and to observe the board’s decisionmaking process. (see “board meeting attendance rights.”) executive session matters civil code section 4935 specifies certain matters which may, and in some instances must, be discussed or acted upon by the board in executive session. the following matters are those which may be discussed or acted upon by the board in executive session: notice & agenda requirements notice of executive session meetings must be provided to the association’s members and must include an agenda of items to be discussed or acted upon at the meeting.

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the amount of notice varies depending upon whether the executive session is held with a scheduled open meeting, or whether the board is meeting “solely in executive session”: executive session matters involve confidential, privileged and/or sensitive information which are only “generally noted” in the minutes of the following open board meeting pursuant to civil code section 4935(e). executive session minutes; items noted in open meeting minutes although there is no explicit legal requirement for the board to keep minutes of executive session meetings, provisions of the corporations code and civil code strongly indicate the existence of such a requirement. (see “board meeting minutes.”) notwithstanding that issue, “any matter discussed in executive session shall be generally noted in the minutes of the immediately following meeting that is open to the entire membership.” (civ. no member attendance rights except in instances involving a member’s disciplinary matter or payment plan (discussed above), the association’s members are not entitled to attend executive session meetings.

this document is intended to support shared governance by establishing for common reference the roles and responsibilities of committee members, ex-officio members, consultants, and guests, and by describing the role of executive sessions in conducting senate business. the membership of each committee is defined in the division’s bylaws. committee members have the right to voice their opinions on issues, have their opinions recorded, make and second motions, and vote, unless otherwise stipulated in the bylaws. as representatives of the student constituency, student members are encouraged to voice their opinions on issues and have their opinions recorded, but they do not count toward quorum and do not vote. consultants are usually campus staff or administrators that provide subject matter expertise to a committee.

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they are not members of the committee, and therefore do not count toward quorum, do not vote, and may not make or second motions. guests are usually university staff or administrators invited to join a committee meeting for a specific purpose, typically at a specified time on the agenda. committee meetings are intended to facilitate the business of the committee as effectively as possible. ex-officio members, students, and consultants may be present for executive sessions at the invitation of the committee or at the discretion of the chair. the aims are to establish a broadly shared set of expectations for how executive sessions are conducted, and to promote consistency in the implementation of executive sessions across senate committees. as outlined in the guide to committee membership (see above), executive sessions are held for the purposes of discussing and acting upon sensitive or confidential information.

while nobody outside the executive session will see the agenda or the minutes of the closed meeting, such materials are discoverable in litigation. the agenda for a closed meeting includes six features not present in an agenda for an open meeting. some, such as north dakota, require executive sessions to be held immediately following an open meeting.the agenda for the executive session should indicate which is the case ‘ e.g., ‘5:00 p.m., prior to 6:00 p.m. meeting of the full city council.’ other states require those matters to be addressed in the open meeting, leaving open for closed sessions only questions of someone’s physical or mental health or criminal conduct.

in addition to the board, the closed session might include an invited speaker, the executive director or superintendent, and the board’s attorney. front and center on the agenda for an executive session should be a reminder that the meeting is to be kept private. for instance, it might read:’please remember that all matters discussed in the executive session are confidential and not to be reported to or discussed with anyone not in attendance at the meeting. specificity and clarity must set a conscientious tone for attendees, creating no doubt that the meeting is legally warranted and that a limited range of topics will be considered.