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engineering team meeting agenda template is a engineering team meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on engineering team meeting agenda design and format. when designing engineering team meeting agenda example, it is important to consider engineering team meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. when i started managing the engineering department at my company, i wanted to have an interesting team meeting involving the entire team. if you don’t already have a similar meeting and want to give this format a try in your team, here is how i’ve done it! of course it will important to adapt to your team and company, but this could help you get started. the meeting itself is held in the office, but is friendly to people working from home that can follow the presentation, present themselves or ask questions. if someone has something critical to do that absolutely can’t wait, i usually prefer that they stay at their desk to do it in good conditions instead of going to the presentation. it’s also worth noting that i always keep a buffer after the meeting so that i can be available for followup discussions. when the team was smaller, we would also do quick brainstorms and discussions about engineering or organisational topics. every now and then, i send out surveys to ask people their feedback about the format itself.

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if i want to dig deeper in other topics, i would set it up as any other presentation in the third section of the meeting. each week, two of them present their purely technical roadmap progressing in parallel of the main product roadmap. at this point you might have noted that i don’t split the team by technology. this is because i really like the idea of having people listening to presentations about topics they are not experts on. the presentations are a great moment to showcase something interesting happening in the team, the company or the technology space. i think it’s important to know what’s happening day to day and make sure that everybody uses the best practices, so there’s a lot of that. for this reason, i try to mix topics that are really practical with some that are more long term and don’t necessarily have a concrete application in the company. just do it and let the format grow organically by listening to feedback and trying variations until you find something that works for you and your team.

some engineers develop a strong point of view that meetings are a waste of their time. both are best done with a weekly working meeting for your team of direct reports and key stakeholders. each company will run a distinct version of these meetings, and the meetings themselves will evolve a bit over time. in most organizations, these groups are in the same order of magnitude, and in all organizations they are equally important to a well-run engineering organization.

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there are a handful of techniques that i’ve found valuable to that effect: although you may not immediately agree, the engineering q&a is often my favorite meeting of the month. the other issue is that all-hands meetings are a bit open-ended. you may also lead the tech spec review and incident review, but it’s likely that one of your direct reports or a staff engineer will take on leading those forums as your organization grows (because they take a level of persistent attention that can be difficult to sustain as an executive focused on putting out fires). for example, you may have an antagonistic engineer who joins every technical spec review meeting to advocate for a particular technology. in some cases, you’ll find that many of these meetings already exist, and you want to integrate with those existing forums instead of creating duplicates.

engineering team meetings are designed to bring together everyone who collaborates with the engineering department at your company. this is how you build a team that feels psychologically safe and personally connected — not only to each other, but to their work. whether you create it from scratch or use a meeting agenda template, there are certain elements you’ll want to be sure to include in order to make sure everyone on your engineering team gets the most out of the meeting. it only takes a few minutes at the start of each meeting to talk about the successes your engineering team has enjoyed since the last meeting. in advance of the meeting, send out a quick email asking for the talking points that your team considers to be high priority.

while this might not be exactly how you want to handle meetings with your engineering team, there is a certain logic behind musk’s method: for a meeting to be a good use of time and resources, everyone needs to be engaged. people who have something to add to the meeting have a stake in the course of events. as things change, don’t hesitate to adapt your meeting agenda based on feedback that comes in along the way. another issue with remote meetings is that it’s even easier for people to be accidentally left out of the discussion, or for people to zone out and avoid participating. your engineering team meetings should have one goal: be as effective as possible so that everyone can get back to their work as quickly as possible.