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discovery call agenda template is a discovery call agenda sample that gives infomration on discovery call agenda design and format. when designing discovery call agenda example, it is important to consider discovery call agenda template style, design, color and theme. a discovery call is your first chance to wow your prospects. they’re your chance to get to know the prospect and introduce them to your business. it’s your opportunity to get to know the customer to see if they could be a good fit for your business. learn as much as you can about a potential client before your discovery call. use the research you gather to build a call agenda that includes questions about the company and the person you’re talking to. this prospect is new to your company, so they aren’t ready to hear a detailed explanation of your brand. keep the conversation balanced so you have a chance to learn about your leads.

discovery call agenda overview

discovery calls are a chance for your prospect to get to know you. in that case, you could highlight your product’s ease of use to reassure the prospect. if the prospect is the sole decision-maker, your challenge is to win them over. based on this history, you can determine the standards your product needs to meet to keep this prospect happy. they’re more likely to have a follow-up call if they have a chance to talk through these objections and hear why your product is still valuable. use this resource to make sure every call includes the information you need to evaluate prospects. whether you’re a sales expert or new to the industry, transactional selling is a classic negotiation strategy. a successful sales proposal can make the difference between winning or losing a sale.

i always say that you can relate almost every aspect of sales back to dating, so let’s imagine for a moment that the old way of doing discovery calls is still applicable today and see what that looks like in a first date. are they part of the process if you decide i’m awesome and want to date me more? here’s why that date and most discovery calls are awful – because we’ve lost the focus (and ability) to have a proper conversation.

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the purpose of the discovery call is to learn more about your potential customer. “i believe the right to ask a question is earned in sales,” said amanda georgeoff, sales thought leader and area vice president of sales for salesloft. before a truly important discovery call, consider having someone you trust play the role of your prospect–especially if that prospect is empowered to be a decision-maker. including your prospect in developing the discovery call agenda allows sellers to better understand their buyer as a human being.

“once i understand the buyer’s psychographics, then i can dive in and move the deal forward.” how can you structure your discovery questions so that you can gain useful insight into your buyer’s psychology? first-level discovery call questions open the possibility of a deal, but you are going to have to gain a deeper understanding of your prospect if you hope to close that deal. think of third-level discovery questions as your opportunity to better understand your buyer’s “how” as it relates to their biggest challenge—as in, how are they talking about that challenge within the company? at some point in their career, they may have had the good fortune to work with a great sales coach. it requires the ability to adapt your performance based on the needs and psychology of the prospect in front of you.