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digital agenda template is a digital agenda sample that gives infomration on digital agenda design and format. when designing digital agenda example, it is important to consider digital agenda template style, design, color and theme. #caption#paperlike’s digital planners start off with the year page to give you a preview of your year. most importantly, you’ll find a separate budget planner page for each month of the year, allowing you to track all your expenses, earnings, and savings all in one place. each one is designed to help you make the most out of your year. to embellish your planner, you can also use color hex codes and the included sticker book. this planner even integrates with the shortcuts app, so you can set reminders and add events to your apple/google calendar from within the planner for added convenience. it even breaks down your tasks into things that have to get done, things that should get done, and things you can do if you have the time and energy. and the organization of the planner leaves something to be desired. the planner even includes font names and hex color codes, so you can change things to suit your preferences. #caption#the catalog page is full of different templates that you can duplicate and move to any section in the planner. 2 / screenshot by lindsay armstrong / paperlike) the good news is that there are instruction pages behind each divider, so as you enter a section, you’ll learn how to set it up. like some of the other planners that feature a two-page spread, you’ll have a lot more space to plan your daily activities and tasks. for example, you’ll find the month at a glance and monthly review pages near the top of the planner, but then you’ve got a notes section and templates before you actually get to the monthly calendar page and the weekly and daily pages.

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as a workaround, you could use those extra pages at the end of each section to plan out your days. and you can always hit the tab with the three bars at the top of the page to take you back to the index. the planner page is straightforward and allows you to plan your tasks and to-dos for the day. one of our favorite things about this planner is the fact that you can click on the coils in the center of every page to quickly jump back to the index page. (image: muji-inspired planner / screenshot by lindsay armstrong / paperlike) the muji-inspired planner is pretty much dedicated to weekly planning, as the monthly pages just have a box for each day, and there are no daily pages included. (image: 2024 ultimate goal planner / screenshot by lindsay armstrong / paperlike) after the setup is complete, you’ll be presented with a selection of template pages that you can use to design the perfect planner. (image: 2024 ultimate goal planner / screenshot by lindsay armstrong / paperlike) the monthly calendar, weekly, and daily pages are where you’re likely to spend most of your time planning out your days. the week at a glance and weekly planner pages are perfect for getting a general overview of your week, while the weekly schedule and weekly tasks pages help you get down to the details. the index page allows you to write in the name for each section and includes note paper templates that you can use to fill them. (image: digital planner by noteamine / screenshot by lindsay armstrong / paperlike) reflection doesn’t always come easily for everyone, so we appreciate that this planner offers guided questions and prompts to help you through the process, instead of just leaving blank space to fill in on your own. because they’re not on a screen, you won’t be tempted to check your messages or notifications in the middle of a planning session. depending on the planner you choose, you may need to use a dashboard to select your preferred setup and layout to download your planner. sign up for the newsletter and join the paperlike community to learn more.

to encourage the development of digital networks and services, parliament bolstered the body of european regulators for electronic communications. the resolutions called on the commission to craft a european legal framework for the ethical development and use of ai. interinstitutional talks concluded in june 2023. the council, parliament and the commission issued a declaration on european digital rights on 26 january 2022, underscoring a values-based digital shift.

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building on the dsa, in november 2022, the commission proposed measures to streamline data collection and sharing for short-term accommodation rentals. in december 2020, a commission communication laid out a plan for the recovery and transformation of europe’s media sector, including by addressing issues like market fragmentation. parliament and the council started negotiations on the act in june 2023. under the european action plan for democracy, the commission introduced a proposal for a media freedom act on 16 september 2022 to bolster media pluralism and freedom in the eu. in february 2022, a study addressed the impacts that influencers have on advertising and consumer safety in the single market.