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dental office staff meeting template is a dental office staff meeting sample that gives infomration on dental office staff meeting design and format. when designing dental office staff meeting example, it is important to consider dental office staff meeting template style, design, color and theme. from managing payroll to acquiring patients, running a dental practice is a lot of work. and who has time to come up with dental staff meeting topics? ensure you and your team are on the same page with pre-planned topics. identify those who have gone above and beyond or simply upheld your standard for outstanding customer service. seven out of 10 employees who received appreciation from their supervisors reported being happy with their job, according to harvard business review. is there a new scientific discovery that could change the dental industry? these topics encourage engagement and keep your staff up to speed on all things oral health.

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march is national nutrition month. the great american smokeout is november 16. perhaps there’s a water wednesday or other local activity coming up. it’s a great way to promote healthy habits to patients. keep your team informed on office goals and progress to date. end each meeting the same way you started it—with a chance to provide feedback. is there a sticking point with your patients? whether you convene once a year or once a week, these dental staff meeting topics will provide the blueprint for a positive session. ms. morrow is the director of professional relations at delta dental of arizona.

the vacationer: vacationers welcome meetings as an opportunity to sit down and check out for an hour. they’ll answer direct questions but rarely initiate anything because this is their down time, and they believe meetings are the dentist’s responsibility. the accountant: this dentist manages by the numbers and is convinced that by sharing a dashboard of depressing statistics, the team will spring into action. the gnasher doesn’t know how to change this dynamic so considers cancelling team meetings all together. the goal is for meetings to be more useful, efficient, relevant, and productive. if your team is particularly quiet, have them write down their responses to questions like these:  what do you see as the best possible use of our meeting time?

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should we make this decision by consensus, or vote and let the majority rule? how should we evaluate how well the meetings are working, and how often should we evaluate—at the end of each meeting, monthly, never? 3. the team can choose from a variety of meeting structures: from one-hour weekly meetings to a half-day monthly meeting. if the team prefers meeting during lunch, check with your state’s labor board to determine if this is allowed. 7. if it will lead to making improvements, sharing the practice’s statistics can be helpful. dentists in north america are eligible for a complimentary print subscription.

carve out time in your schedule every week for a staff meeting and let your employees know when they are required to attend. if you schedule the meeting for the same time every week, eventually it will become a habit and so will better communication. you’ll have different issues to address with each, beyond any issues you need to address with your staff as a whole. it’s critical that you set expectations for the meetings and boundaries that let your employees know what is and isn’t appropriate to discuss. a dental team meeting is designed to bring you and your staff up to speed on the performance of the practice as a whole, where your weaknesses are, and what your goals are. if employees bring up issues that need to be resolved during a staff meeting, acknowledge them and set a time and date to discuss specifically that matter directly with the staff members who are involved.

give your employees time to offer feedback about what they feel is and isn’t working well within the practice. let your employees tell you what is presenting challenges and listen to potential solutions before offering your own. be sure to set goals for upcoming meetings and then check in on the progress of those goals at every meeting. make sure you and your staff are on the same page and that you make space for employee feedback by scheduling a dental team meeting every week, rain or shine. we assist thousands of clients from residency to practice and through retirement with a comprehensive suite of financial services, custom-tailored advice, and a strong national network focused on delivering the highest level of service. treloar & heisel, treloar & heisel wealth management, and treloar & heisel property and casualty are all divisions of treloar & heisel, llc. treloar & heisel wealth management is a separate entity from the wealth consulting group and wcg wealth advisors, llc.