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content meeting agenda template is a content meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on content meeting agenda design and format. when designing content meeting agenda example, it is important to consider content meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. over the last decade, you have probably played some role in transitioning one or multiple organizations from traditional marketing to our new content-centric, digital marketing world. and we often have to define content planning, as many marketers still think of it interchangeably with content strategy. as companies start making this transition, i commonly hear such concerns as, “brody, i just don’t think we’re going to be able to come up with enough interesting or valuable content on a regular basis.” or, “we’re getting requests for content from all over the organization and it’s hard to prioritize what we should actually be producing, and when.” well, after an in-depth content strategy effort that digs in deep to the needs, pain and buying/selling cycles of your buyers and your organization, this concern is often met with clear direction and a focus on your ideal content path. now you just need to follow it and make sure you keep enough fuel (content) in the tank to get you to your destination. you need something to warm up the room. instead of your team sitting down with blank notepads, help your team understand the components of your agenda and set the expectation that they need to bring ideas to the table. you are the managing editor and every day you sit down with your team of section editors and reporters.

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maybe you just need a step-by-step. when you’ve nailed down your ideal agenda, think about how best to divvy (bam!) who are the most likely, customer-facing team members that can bring good customer stories and questions to the table? then based on your editorial schedule and frequencies, determine how many ideas need to be flushed out by the end of your meeting. it will probably take some trial and error to figure out the best approach for you and your team. for smaller companies, each team member needs to truly grasp the importance and value of content as a long-term asset for the organization. but there are some enlightened companies who want to associate themselves with good content and are prepared to invest in the long-term benefits. get on a regular content planning schedule with an agenda that inspires your team.

we’ve found that one of the best steps you can put in place to maintain your commitment is a regular content planning meeting (sometimes known as an editorial meeting). we’d recommend a monthly or bi-monthly get together for all involved in the content thinking and creation process. creating great content consistently is a tough call and this meeting will help you to make the process a strategic, structured and sustainable one for your business. we’ve seen that the companies who are most successful with their content efforts think wide when it comes to content planning and creation – they embrace it as a whole team effort, not just a one person job and allocate resource and time to the content challenge, across a range of disciplines. don’t be put off by the long list: in a small team like ours one person may wear many hats (here at vc our content planning meetings involve sharon, designer lizzie and me – that’s it); in a larger operation you’ll be able to spread the load.

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divvy up the tasks accordingly depending on the scale of your organisation but make it as inclusive as you can. steer discussions of analytics and data on to actionable points, (more headlines like this, this format kept people engaged on the site for longest, this guide led to 4 positive sales calls etc) and keep the focus on ‘how do we create the best content for our clients and customers.’ you could stoke enthusiasm to fever pitch by giving out prizes for the best content of the month. ), and we use our valuable content award badges as rewards for our clients’ great content creators. reward your people and keep the motivation up any way you can. they’re doing brilliantly with their content and we think this will really help them keep up the pace.

review your content team’s priorities and make decisions about the themes that will be covered in the weeks or months to come. content planning meetings are a great way to align your organization’s entire marketing team on their collective purpose and message. encourage team members to come prepared to each content planning meeting with a customer story or question that the rest of the team can use as a brainstorming trigger to determine how to turn customer comments into meaningful content. each content planning meeting should spend time reviewing your buyer profiles and determining what new content can be created to attract and engage each persona.

following a discussion and brainstorming session around your buyer profiles or personas, the next phase of your content planning meetings should be spent discussing what new content can be created that addresses each persona’s buying cycle/stages. this list of content themes and ideas should also be revisited during your next content planning meeting to determine the success of each topic among your buyer personas, and further refine ideas for continuous improvement. brody helps businesses find their ideal digital marketing paths, act like publishers, craft great stories, build high-performance websites, and leverage the web to turn browsers into buyers. within a few weeks, there were hundreds of people using fellow to follow up on the action items that inevitably come out of every meeting. with 100+ people in 32 different countries, fellow was one of the tools that took our remote meetings from confusion to clarity.”