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confluence meeting template is a confluence meeting sample that gives infomration on confluence meeting design and format. when designing confluence meeting example, it is important to consider confluence meeting template style, design, color and theme. usually, it’s because the meeting didn’t have a clear goal or agenda, or you weren’t a necessary participant in the meeting. to help you and your meeting attendees better prepare for a meeting, we’ve put together a template that includes the most necessary elements for an effective meeting: attendees, goals of the meeting, agenda, and action items. before you hit send on that invite, create the meeting agenda to make sure you have everything you need to make the meeting successful for you and your attendees. include any other links to information that attendees may need prior to or during the meeting. once someone is tagged on the meeting minutes page, they will be notified in confluence and/or via email so they can review your notes.

confluence meeting overview

if data’s your lifeline in this crazy world, you can view the analytics for a page, which will show you everyone who has viewed it. if it isn’t going to be yourself, assign someone to take notes during the meeting on discussion items, action items, and any decisions that were made. create a page using the meeting minutes template and let confluence handle the rest. you can start a parent page in the page tree and drag and drop relevant meetings pages in whatever order suits your fancy. don’t forget to notify your attendees the page exists so they can refer to it in the future.

confluence meeting notes allow you to manage your meetings by using confluence templates for single or recurring meetings, plus a series of macros to keep track of tasks and decisions. why not create and share a confluence page with the meeting leader to take the first step! that way external parties can inline comment and even contribute to the meeting page. for the meetings that require the entire team to be present, you can use the “all-hands meeting” template. but the best part of confluence meetings is you don’t have to restrict yourself to default options— you can create your own meeting templates in confluence! the key elements and results of the discussions go to the notes section. this way you have better contexts, and if you use the task report macro, all the action items on the page will show up. on top of that, you can use the action items report macro.

confluence meeting format

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confluence meeting guide

however to get slack and email reminders for action items that are overdue, you can try the task reminder for confluence app! if the page becomes too crowded and disorganized, you can create a sub-page to “archive” things, or shift to option a by creating sub-pages for individual meetings. that being said, you can also create a page to display the decisions taken for each recurring meeting separately. if you create a template for such meetings and add that label to the template itself, the label gets automatically added when you create a page. the roadmaps you add to a confluence cloud page will update in real-time, and you can interact with them just as you would in jira. after you create the meeting page, add a link to the page in the calendar invite! you can leverage the full power of confluence for your meeting minutes for this as well! you can open an existing page from the embedded confluence link and automate page creation for recurring meetings as well! create pages from your calendar events, automatically keep meeting notes up to date and automate notes for recurring meetings!

during these meetings, 91% of meeting participants daydreamed, 73% did other work, and 47% complained that meetings were the top time-waster in the office. and one way to make this happen is with confluence. design your meetings in confluence using productivity features that make the most of your team’s time. use a meeting notes template to set and maintain agenda items, take meeting minutes and notes, and share next steps and action items with your team. or try the weekly meeting notes template to keep track of recurring meetings and streamline productivity. with confluence, you can use labels and spaces to categorize and organize the information your team contributes before, during, and after meetings. labels are words that can be added to confluence pages to make them easier to group and find.

you can also use confluence spaces to organize your content into meaningful categories. with page comments, inline comments, and emoji reactions, your team members can quickly provide meeting feedback. during and after meetings, team members need to jot down ideas and relevant information, remark on meeting content, and ask pertinent questions. with the confluence task list feature, they would have been able to get their work done. share important details with your team by embedding relevant images, files, and links directly within a confluence meeting agenda. no need to remember to update project pages after a meeting when it can be quickly done as the topics arise and are resolved. confluence helps your team ensure efficient communication and project completion, so productive meetings are really possible.