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conference timetable template is a conference timetable sample that gives infomration on conference timetable design and format. when designing conference timetable example, it is important to consider conference timetable template style, design, color and theme. a session block is an ‘instance’ of a session with a defined start and end. even if a session has only one session block like the workshops session in the example above, a session block needs to be created regardless. to add a contribution, select a day and click on add new in the top right corner of the timetable and then select contribution from the dropdown menu. if you wish to change the start time of a contribution, you can simply drag it up or down in the timetable. if you simply want to move a contribution from the top level into a session block, you can also drag the contribution over the session block, which will automatically place it inside the block.

conference timetable overview

finally, you can also add conveners to the session block. in order to schedule a contribution or a break in a session block, first navigate to the session block timetable. if you wish to move a session block to a different day, the only way is to delete it on one day and recreate it on another day. to create a break inside a session block, first open the session block timetable by clicking on a session block and selecting go to session block timetable. in the case of a session block, the entry will be moved to start when the session block starts. in fact, it is not possible to set the duration of a session block to be less than the duration of its contents.

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if your conference is packed full of keynote speakers with serious pulling power, consider a conference programme design tool like bizzabo that can help you create rich speaker bios to impress. if your event has a website, and you have a pretty simple timetable, you could design your programme using a free plugin like wp conference schedule. add a dash of creativity to your event design with some high-energy conference breakout sessions. you could also add a few early-bird and late-bird sessions to your timetable to spice things up. chase up any who haven’t, and reshuffle your programme design if needs be.