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chairman agenda template is a chairman agenda sample that gives infomration on chairman agenda design and format. when designing chairman agenda example, it is important to consider chairman agenda template style, design, color and theme. in this document, the president is referred to as the chairperson. the agenda is the basis of any meeting and provides direction, structure and purpose. upon being satisfied that a quorum is present, the meeting should be formally declared open. identify the meeting by quoting the specific title and class of it, e.g. the sole purpose of confirming or adopting minutes is to ensure their accuracy. a motion should be proposed before the chairperson allows any debate or discussion on the topic.

chairman agenda format

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the mover must state their case to the meeting on that motion only and may not be interrupted by the chairperson unless the motion is frivolous or ridiculous and is unlikely to be seconded. the motion should be clear, concise and unambiguous and not be introduced to the meeting until it is clear. if yes, the order of debate should be speaker against, then for (i.e. if there is any doubt on the voice vote, the chairperson may call, or be called upon by a member, for a show of hands. if there is an equal number of votes for and against on the first and second show of hands and after a ballot, the proposal is rejected. although he/she controls procedure and conduct, that person oversees the meeting, which is conducted for the benefit of the members.