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ceremony agenda template is a ceremony agenda sample that gives infomration on ceremony agenda design and format. when designing ceremony agenda example, it is important to consider ceremony agenda template style, design, color and theme. the processional is the first order of business at a wedding ceremony. this is when the officiant addresses you and talks about the responsibilities of marriage and the sanctity of the vows you’re about to take. after you’ve exchanged vows and rings, the two of you seal your marriage with a kiss. you recite your vows to each other under the structure, which represents the creation of a new jewish home. the groom then gives a ring to the bride, and the ketubah is read aloud. the groom is greeted by the parents of the bride and her closest friends during the milni. in the center of the mandap, a sacred fire, or agni poojan, is lit.

ceremony agenda format

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during catholic weddings, the priest and the ministers often walk to the altar as part of the processional. this is where the congregation joins in to sing or recite the kyrie and the gloria hymns. the priest will bless the wedding rings with a prayer and a sprinkling of holy water. a crowd favorite, this is where the priest tells the groom to kiss the bride. as you light the candle, the officiant narrates the importance of the act as a symbol of commitment and unity. the order of your wedding ceremony is largely determined by the type of ceremony you and your partner are having. the recessional and processional will require one song each, which will be in addition to the prelude music.