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brainstorming workshop agenda template is a brainstorming workshop agenda sample that gives infomration on brainstorming workshop agenda design and format. when designing brainstorming workshop agenda example, it is important to consider brainstorming workshop agenda template style, design, color and theme. your whole team in one room, pouring out their creativity – it’s the dream. here’s an agenda for brainstorming meetings to get you started for your next session. before you get into the meat of a brainstorming session, make sure everyone knows what the goal of the meeting is. reiterating your mission first off with keep the meeting focused and the conversations productive. spend no more than three minutes of your meeting getting everyone acquainted with the ground rules and general housekeeping for your brainstorming meeting. but if you do have time, here are a few brainstorming activity ideas: go around the room and give everyone a set amount of time to share their ideas.

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if your brainstorming meeting agenda is more geared towards everyone coming to the meeting having done their own brainstorming beforehand) then you can jump right into your round robin. make sure you have detailed notes and can tick this agenda item off having a complete list of ideas from everyone in the meeting. you might save this for after the meeting and use an employee idea tool to allow employees to vote anonymously on the ideas they love, or you might do this right in your brainstorming meeting. as with any meeting agenda, you want to make sure next steps and action items from the meeting are clear. assign next steps to individuals and make sure you have clear deadlines and expectations. this brainstorming meeting agenda template may not be for everyone, but it’s a great starting point to kick off your next brainstorming session. people… ever get the feeling that your calendar is running your life?

however, preparing an agenda in advance will help you structure the conversation and empower everyone on your team to speak up and share their ideas. a brainstorming session agenda is a perfect tool to print out and give to team members, so everyone can adequately prepare for the upcoming meeting. what are the main goals for you and your team while brainstorming? part of building your brainstorming meeting agenda is coming up with prompts and questions for your team to answer during the meeting.

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this creates more specific ideas for the original topic for your brainstorming meeting agenda. make a list of prompts before the meeting begins, and don’t hesitate to use the prompts that others have come up with beforehand. after the ideas are evaluated through a vote, you and your team will better understand how to proceed and achieve your end goal. this will ensure that everyone on the team is held accountable for what they said they would do and will be an easy way to remember the deadlines and next steps that came out of your brainstorming meeting. with 100+ people in 32 different countries, fellow was one of the tools that took our remote meetings from confusion to clarity.”

before the meeting, share a clear and concise statement of the problem you’re hoping to address with all attendees. when it comes to brainstorming sessions, it’s easy for louder voices to take control of the meeting. neither of these things will encourage participation, which could hurt your team’s chances of coming up with the best solutions possible to your problem. however, to start off, here are some ground rules to consider for your next brainstorming session: when you’re suggesting ideas, make it known that you’ll all go through and vote for the best ideas after. ask the team, “if we had unlimited budget, resources and time, what is the best solution or idea?” there are many different brainstorming activities that you can use during a brainstorming session. as a collective group, go around and explain why that’s the cover and what needs to be done for your team to get there.

once the time starts, have them write down as many ideas that come to mind on the papers in front of them (within a time limit). once you’ve finished, give the teams a set amount of time (5 minutes) to pick out the best ideas from their list that they would like to share with the group. this is not a time to “pick the winner”. however, it’s important to note that some teams would prefer to digest all of the ideas and vote on them after the meeting has ended. document them in the agenda to keep everyone accountable. start by covering off the basics, and leave with a clear set of next steps. if you prepare and share an agenda in advance you’re likely to get through more faster.