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book club meeting template is a book club meeting sample that gives infomration on book club meeting design and format. when designing book club meeting example, it is important to consider book club meeting template style, design, color and theme. one of the best pairings with our wine is a good book club. 1. find a theme: define the subject matter and authors you choose. will you decide on serious literature, or light summer reads? this decision will also have an influence on who your fellow book club members will be. don’t expect a lot of guys to join if your book choices have fabio on the cover.) also, be aware that too many participants can result in cross-talking and a breakdown in the discussion. it’s a great way to meet new people and keep the conversations fresh with different perspectives. 5. first rule of book club?

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clear the house of spouses, family members, and roommates who won’t be participating. err on the side of caution when organizing a meeting schedule. general rule-of-thumb: plan 30 minutes for food, wine and catching-up with friends, an hour to 90 minutes for a structured discussion and the final 30 minutes for more informal discussion and socializing. have small bites and foods that are easy to consume while discussing a book. and have fun with the food. incorporate it into a theme related to the book: empanadas while reading the work of the late gabriel garcía márquez; or how about a warm brie with madame bovary? aside from “read the book,” here are other ideas to encourage a lively, enjoyable discussion that we found on 9. discussion questions. yes, in most cases a book club has as much to do with the wine as it has to do with the book, which is why they are so fun. sign up for the la crema blog newsletter.

and if you are on the fence about starting a book club, i think this post also helps lay out whether it’s a good idea to start your own book club or not. the first step, in my mind, is really fleshing out why you want to start a book club because everything you do after flows from what your hopes and vision is for your book club and how you will construct it. being clear on the vibe you want for a book club is so important and also equally as important to communicate that vibe when you get to the next step. now that you know why you want to start a book club and thought about the type of book club you want to have, it’s time to start filling the seats and figure out who you want to invite/how you will find members. you can do this step ahead of time or pick your first meeting spot for your first meeting and discuss with the group.

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i am personally of the mind that talking about it as a group is best so that everyone will feel good about your process for picking books but definitely come with an idea how you might want to do it. i think it’s up to you what type of book club you want and what kind of commit you desire from everyone else. a lot of my book clubs have really flowed nicely but it really is a good idea to have something prepared initially in a pinch if people are quiet or if the book didn’t give a ton to talk about naturally — get people thinking with some prepared questions. even when people get busy, they will make it a priority if they feel invested in the group and fulfilled in what they hoped to get out of a book club. who is in denial that she’s actually that old to be a married lady and a mom.

been hooked on a page-turner that you just have to tell everyone about? in a book club, you have the chance to share your love of literature and reading in a nurturing space. a book club gives you a place to explore this with others. as the name suggests, it’s a place for you to share your thoughts on books and more with like-mind people. members will generally agree on a book and read it beforehand. since everyone has their own perspective, a book club meeting allows for a healthy flow of insights, in an open and friendly environment. book clubs don’t just have to be for books. how do you get started with a book club?

check local message boards, social media or talk to friends to see if they know of any clubs or are interested in starting one with you. next, you want to find a time to meet. a good icebreaker here could be to say your name and what your favorite book or fictional character is. the person leading the meeting should then turn focus to the book that’s been read and offer the floor to someone who wants to share their thoughts. this can be done in a variety of ways. for example, everyone takes turns proposing a book or the group pulls together a list and votes on what they prefer. group poll makes it easy to get large groups of people together without the constant email back and forth. they select the ones that work best for them and you’ll have your answer in a matter of minutes. doodle professional also lets you add deadlines and reminders if you want to make sure people don’t forget to reply.