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agile daily standup template is a agile daily standup sample that gives infomration on agile daily standup design and format. when designing agile daily standup example, it is important to consider agile daily standup template style, design, color and theme. for the rest of the meeting, which takes anywhere between 15 min to 1 hour, i sit there pretending to listen to what others are saying about topics i am not working on and are not relevant to me. the daily scrum is one of the scrum events and is defined in the scrum guide. in theory, the purpose of scrum’s daily scrum is not to make fine-grained decisions. the daily scrum meeting is there to align between the people who are actually involved in working towards the sprint goal.

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it seems to me that your meetings are mislabeled: the 1 hour plus sit-down meeting with 20 people, most of whom neither affect nor are affected by your work, is not a daily scrum. topics that affect only a small subset of participants should be discussed elsewhere (in this case, the daily scrum can still be useful to figure out who should be involved, and when to meet). now, what you describe you do with your team is more like what a daily scrum or daily standup meeting should be: a quick reunion to sync up the work of all the members, find out if there’s anything that needs to be discussed or escalated, and decide on how the work will flow until the next meeting. if there’s still a daily meeting in the scrum guidelines, it’s because an agile methodology is supposed to be, well, agile, and not every issue, obstacle or problem is worth suddenly stopping the work of other members of the team to discuss it. to take full advantage of the benefits of daily scrum meetings, companies need to believe in empiricism and create an integral framework for implementation.

it’s a question that gets asked often, so i know it would be beneficial to a lot of new scrum practitioners who are getting into the framework. in scrum, we have a daily scrum because it’s a timebox to create our plan for the next 24 hours. scrum doesn’t care about the format it takes, that’s up to the developers to decide, only that the event occurs and is productive in helping us move forward with transparency of the sprint goal. not everyone on the team may be able to stand. also one more thing to mention, the infamous 3 questions are not part of the daily scrum, they were removed because of the prescriptive nature of it. suppose we did, and thereby used another term from a different approach, and which does not necessarily have the same outcomes in mind.

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ian is like the wise guru who sits atop a mountain and responds to all of your questions about the meaning of scrum with deeper and more probing questions in return. letting the developers due the opposite from what they mostly do, gave a guarantee that their complete focus would be in that short daily meeting. yet for the daily meeting this can be done, a simple rebranding from “daily stand up” to “daily xp” would do the trick. please note that the first and last name from your member profile will be displayed next to any topic or comment you post on the forums. does not endorse user-submitted content or the content of links to any third-party websites. using our forum as a platform for the marketing and solicitation of products or services is also prohibited.