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as part of redcape’s webinar series “how’d they do that?” here is an example excel tool that allows you to enter length (in minutes) when creating a meeting schedule to automatically calculate the start and end times for each speaker or topic, plus breaks. [here’s our final version: /oeutz7] we are going to use the time() function to add minutes. the time() function allows us to specify hours, minutes, and seconds. change the width of column d to see the end times. double-click and you should get the best fit for that column. we haven’t filled in the start times or the length of the remaining session names. the only start time you need is the very first one. in our original example, the rows for am / pm breaks, as well as lunches, are highlighted grey. this will save us a lot of time later when we’re drafting the schedule so that if we decide to move the breaks or lunch in the schedule, we won’t have to worry about removing the shading. 10. to test the conditional formatting, change a couple of the session names to am breakand the other rows should highlight as seen in the screenshot below.important: be sure to change them back to their original session names and proceed to the next steps to create the remaining conditional formats for pm break, lunch and one for break, just in case you use just the word “break”.

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(optional) create a yellow highlight for the rows if the session name = “break” the conditional formatting will only work if you use the exact terms am break, pm break or lunch. what if you type “break” as the session name? 8/31/12 blog update – here are the instructions on how to find any instance of the word “break” in the session name and apply conditional formatting. this will eliminate the need to create three individual rules for am break, pm break, and break. the search() function returns a number value representing the character position of the word “break”. the isnumber() function then returns the true or false value that we need to apply the conditional format. thank you to seth hart at the texas workforce commission for submitting this one. i’d love to see what else is out there. whenever i create calculated tools like this, i like to remove the gridlines in the background. this is what my final schedule looks like and here is the link to my final version: /oeutz7.

today let us understand how to create an agenda template in excel using simple formulas. it contains a ready to use agenda template with built in formulas. my name is chandoo. my mission is to make you awesome in excel & your work. when i am not f9ing my formulas, i cycle, cook or play lego with my kids. visit excel for beginner or advanced excel pages to learn more or join my online video class to master excel. doubt: ask an excel question i disagree. even in complex workbooks, i rarely notice any performance or macro coding issues with merged cells. i used it in this template for cosmetic reasons alone and i feel going thru format cells > alignment > center across selection is un-necessary steps for something simple like agenda template.

but when you go to select one column some 150 rows lower it is maddening that four are selected because of a merge & centre elsewhere! i think that was what yard was hinting at!! a window will appear select input message tab and write your message in “input message box”. click ok to be applied. it makes it easier to see that there’s a time calculation being made, and just what is being done. i work in a role that’s constantly used for planning big and multiple meetings any given day. i have researched various blogs and excel sites to figure out how to retain formula/data integrity when sorting on the agenda item #. i couldnt open any of the templates. all was xml which yet couldnt be opened in excel 2010. kindly advise… it’s always interesting to actually receive a sales call, especially when you work in the sales profession and have your own goals for sales. little did she know that three years later, when she was just 15, she would be called up for the united states national women.