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agenda 2023 template is a agenda 2023 sample that gives infomration on agenda 2023 design and format. when designing agenda 2023 example, it is important to consider agenda 2023 template style, design, color and theme. addressing the un general assembly (unga), un secretary-general antónio guterres highlighted his priorities for 2023. describing 2023 as “a year of reckoning,” he urged member states to change the mindset of decision making from near-term thinking to long-term thinking and develop a strategic vision to act decisively “in deep and systemic ways.” the secretary-general began his speech before the general assembly with a word of warning. guterres highlighted social and economic rights and the right to development as another priority.

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he called for expanding cooperation through a climate solidarity pact among big emitters and wealthier countries “to keep 1.5°c alive,” and urged all actors that took a 2050 net-zero pledge to present credible plans for 2025 and 2030 to transition towards credible and ambitious targets that are aligned with the standards set by the un high-level expert group on the net zero emissions commitments of non-state entities. he further called for action on biodiversity, pollution, ocean – and water, with the un 2023 water conference leading to a bold water action agenda. excerpts may only be used with appropriate academic citation and a link back to the corresponding article/page used.

these actions build on and accelerate this administration’s progress in delivering for the american people. the biden-harris administration has made a concerted effort to increase public involvement in the development of regulations, particularly early in the process. public engagement has significant benefits for agencies and the public alike.

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consistent with the president’s executive order, “modernizing regulatory review,” and oira’s subsequent implementing guidance on broadening public participation and community engagement in the regulatory process, this is the first regulatory agenda in which agencies discuss their efforts to encourage public participation and engagement in the rulemaking process and share how this engagement has informed the development of regulatory priorities. notable instances of public participation include: agencies will continue to identify opportunities for supporting meaningful public engagement in the regulatory process, and reflect that engagement in subsequent regulatory agendas. and oira will continue to engage with the public itself in order to seek feedback on how it can further encourage public engagement—particularly early engagement—in the regulatory process. we look forward to continued public engagement in the regulatory process to ensure that the administration’s policies deliver the most value to the american people, helping them at work, at home, and in their communities.

in addition to addressing well-established threats related to climate change, technological disinformation and global health, the conversations in davos also focused on recent and continuing challenges such as the war in ukraine, inflation, slowing economic growth, and the potential of a global recession. while policymakers bear the responsibility of setting standards and regulatory frameworks within which the private sector operates, there is also opportunity for companies, especially in the technology industry, to work collaboratively with governments to make those processes more efficient and better-informed. trade and investment continued to be a key pillar of davos, featuring twenty official events in the congress center and dozens of private gatherings along the promenade. given the number of controversies surrounding crypto in 2022, there is expectation that the industry will need to work more closely and partner with regulators in this coming year.

tying together many of davos’ central themes – climate, innovation, health and resilience – were conversations about the future of jobs, skills and how to set up today’s workers for success in a rapidly changing world. this link becomes only more salient in the context of china’s recently recorded population drop for 2022, a demographic crisis that threatens to overburden pension systems and economic productivity, not only in china, but in other countries across east asia and europe. there was a general sentiment that politicization around esg was reflective of polarization in the us and that europe was more bullish and further ahead on esg regulations. “what’s on the global agenda” is brought to you in conjunction with major international agenda-setting platforms and processes throughout the year to keep you informed of key developments and highlight impacting-multiplying cooperation and partnerships.