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1 1 meeting notes template is a 1 1 meeting notes sample that gives infomration on 1 1 meeting notes design and format. when designing 1 1 meeting notes example, it is important to consider 1 1 meeting notes template style, design, color and theme. effective one-on-one meetings are the gateway to better working relationships, increased employee happiness, and higher productivity. the right agenda can help you focus on progress and problem solving, instead of getting lost in conversation. all you need to do is find the perfect one and personalize it. this is your opportunity to get the relationship off to a great start. instead of you leading the conversation, the meeting opens with your direct report — giving them a chance to talk about their needs first. finally, cover any long-term talking points and recap with action points: tip: add more structure to this agenda by adding a few bullet points for the first two sections.

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use this structure to celebrate wins, understand work plans, and solve challenges:  tip: ask your direct report to add a handful of bullet points for each section to the agenda, so you both have an idea of what you’ll discuss. when it’s time for a discussion about professional development and long-term goals, you want your direct report to feel ready and happy to share their goals, plans, and needs. if you’re moving on to a new role, a smooth transition can help your direct report feel settled and comfortable with their new manager. if you use vowel’s meeting software for your one-on-one meetings and want to use one of the above agendas, copy the text and paste it into the agenda from your upcoming tab. these one-on-one meeting templates give you a shortcut to more meaningful discussions by getting you and your direct report on the same page every time your meet. check out this mega-list of one-on-one meeting questions, or browse our agenda template library for more meeting plan ideas.