vulnerability report template

this is a spreadsheet-style template that you can easily customize based on the type of business and it system. the template is designed to help you assess risk based on the likelihood of threats occurring, the severity of the impact those threats might have, and the effectiveness of a facility’s current security or safety measures. depending on the needs of your business, this assessment report may touch on threats and vulnerabilities related to personnel, operations, buildings and other facilities, it security, and other factors. this is a simple way of organizing and evaluating risk for any organization.

the level of risk may be low, medium, or high depending on the likelihood of a threat occurring, the seriousness of the impact, and what controls are in place to prevent or reduce risk. an impact assessment looks at the degree of impact to an organization or asset if a vulnerability is exploited. empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. users of these templates must determine what information is necessary and needed to accomplish their objectives.

you need to show the program owners or clients that you care about their security and that you can talk the talk — articulating the problem in clear terms and demonstrating some authority on the subject. bug bounty preparation — imagine spending time finding a security bug and writing an awesome bug report and then, in the end, the program owners tells you it’s out of scope — it’s frustrating. after you have done some research and found a great vulnerability, the next step is to make a good report of your findings. a great way to describe a vulnerability in a short, clear way is to include references/links to trusted sources that can help others understand, identify, and fix the bug.

example: to give the program owners and clients an idea of the seriousness or criticality of a security weakness, you can explain how a malicious user or black hat hacker could attack by exploiting the vulnerability you found. sometimes the developers don’t know how to fix a vulnerability, and if you provide a great description of a suggested fix it’s a win-win situation. pentest reports typically include an executive summary near the beginning to provide a testing overview and the security tester’s impression of overall security risk. the main goal in producing a quality report is to show program owners and clients that you are there to help — collaboratively working with them, unified against the bad guys.

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you can use this information to create a template for vulnerability or pentest findings — whether you want to call that a vulnerability assessment report note that this assessment may not disclose all vulnerabilities that are present on the systems within the scope of the engagement. this report is a summary provide the reason for scan:

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