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then use your trend analysis template (trends.xlsx) and see how much fun you have dragging different types of trend charts into and out of the scorecard print area — to easily analyze the trends that matter most for your data. you can also optionally summarize and analyze production scorecard data from your production schedule, production results, scrap reporting, safety, or any other data relevant to your process.

3) in the systems2win menu, click the button for ‘period end processing’ which will copy current period averages to prior periods, and clear contents of current period cells your systems2win trends scorecard provides a clean system to organize, archive, and analyze reasonably large volumes of historical data. your trends template features 2 side-by-side pareto charts to easily compare your current period to historical data, so that you can see trends.

by taking a close look at the sales figures and other related data it is possible to predict what is going to become popular in the upcoming months or years. though we are using google docs for the purpose, you can use any other word processing software of your choice. the first thing to do would be creating the cover page. in the next section write down a general overview of the analysis you are about to perform. this would help the person doing the analysis later to perform the analysis a second time and compare the results with this. create as many columns necessary to dissect the information you have into the smallest possible data sets. depending on the size of your company or what you are dealing with, you might need to deal with a huge amount of data and that too of different types. as a trend analyst, your job is to make sense of the numbers and come up with a meaningful suggestion.

you need to understand the trends to capitalize on them. you don’t have to do much. in business, you need to understand the trends if you need to remain in the competition. the easiest way to ensure that is a checklist like this one. we have more such templates that will cater to your needs, irrespective of the type of business that you engage in. it will greatly shorten the time you need to create one. we have a number of free analysis templates like the one here that you can download and start using for your work. just download this template in pdf and you should be good to go.

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