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suppose you have the data as shown below for which you want to create a chart to show the actual value as well as where it stands as compared with the target value. in the above data, the achieved% is calculated using the total and target values (total/target). hi, thank you for this information. would really appreciate the help, thank you! thank you.i created a thermometer chart by reading your tutorial and in our office they are still using this daily for tracking teams score.thank you so much.

i was able to create the thermometer for tracking out team’s giving. i am attempting to modify this and changed the axis range to 7000. every month, for the next 36 months i will be adding approx. i want be able to enter a value (that i am adding monthly) in a cell and also on another cell to show a cumulative running total of how much i’ve added. now, the cumulative sum would be reflected in a3 and the thermometer chart would work. the data entry part is in a separate tab sheet where i have a table with the date, amt. in another cell, g2 i have an array formula =offset(data,rows(data)-1,2), which gives the cummulative total from the table.

for this, it’s important to have the right chart. i believe that the thermometer chart is one of the best charts for a single point target. the thermometer chart looks like a thermometer. in excel, there is no default option to create a thermometer chart but you can create it by using simple steps. ​to make a thermometer chart in excel you need to follow the below steps and make sure to download this sample file to follow along: your thermometer chart is ready to rock. ​when i was writing this post, one of my friends who was sitting beside me, asked: “hey, why don’t you use different colors for different levels in this thermometer chart.” this one is a little bit tricky but worth to learn and you’ll love your final chart. creating a basic thermometer chart in excel is simple.

a few days back, i found some people saying that it’s better to use a thermometer chart than using a speedometer/gauge. i have used a thermometer chart in my one-page daily sales report template. please share your views with me in the comment section, i’d love to hear from you. very good tutorials…however, how do i create a thermometer chart where actual fund collection exceeds the target. i love the thermometer chart. the only thing that’s giving me trouble is that the left horizontal axis on the chart changes from a normal 0 – 100 to showing 84 – 100 when i enter a value of 90 – 99 in the achievement box so it appears that the bar drops. how do i get the colors to change on the bar?

a thermometer chart is a special modification of a stacked column chart. the columns are placed on top of each steps to create a thermometer chart in excel first, make sure you have data in the below format, where the target is 100 (in percentage) and achievement is 68 need thermometer charts for your presentation or goal tracking? the spreadsheet shoppe has got you covered! various options available and, .

this example teaches you how to create a thermometer chart in excel. a thermometer chart shows you how much of a goal has been achieved. thermometer chart data. creating a thermometer template in powerpoint to change the thickness of the line go to the format tab ➜ select shape outline ➜ select weight from the menu. guide to thermometer chart in excel. here we discuss how to create thermometer chart in excel along with examples and downloadable excel template., .

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