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a sunburst chart is drawn in a circular layout where each ring represents a level in the group hierarchy. the size of the segments are proportional to the corresponding values. include the table headers in your selection so that they can be recognized automatically by excel. activate the insert tab in the ribbon and click on the treemap chart icon to see the available chart types. click the sunburst chart to create your chart. let’s take a look at them: double-clicking on any item pops up the side panel of excel with options for the selected element. please keep in mind that, once the side panel is open, you don’t need to double-click another item again – selecting them will be enough. you can modify basic styling properties like colors, or activate the side panel for more options. for example; format plot area… in the following image. another useful feature is that you can see the effects of options on the fly, before applying them.

for example; in the following image, the mouse is on legend item and we can see the legend on the chart. while the design tab contains options to add elements, applying styles, modifying data, and modifying the chart itself; the format tab provides more generic options which are common in most of other objects. briefly; the chart tabs in the ribbon is the only place where you can find all options that are mentioned in the previous method. you can find styling options in the design tab or from the brush icon of chart shortcuts. in the change chart type dialog, you can see the options for all chart types with the preview of your chart. excel assumes vertical labels to be the categories and horizontal labels data series by default. if your data is transposed, you can easily shift the labels with a single click. charts are created in a worksheet where the selected data is placed in by default. to open the move chart dialog you can click its icon in the design tab or in the right-click menu for the chart itself. please keep in mind you need to right-click on an empty place in chart area to see the option.

you should give it a try in your data stories before the year elapses. you’ll also discover how to leverage a sunburst chart maker to get the most out of your data. each circle in the sunburst chart corresponds to a level in the hierarchy of data points. to enjoy the immersive visualization experience brought about by sunburst visualization, you need to go beyond the basic charts provided by excel. and this sets a limitation to the number of hierarchical levels you can display at a glance.

this is not the chart you want if your goal is to visualize bulky data for hierarchical insights, such as part-to-whole patterns. there’s a sunburst chart maker that comes as an add-in you can install in your excel to access the advanced chart library. each node in the chart is an arc sized and colored to align with your key data points. it comes as an add-in you can easily install in your excel to get the most from your data. well, a sunburst chart is such a visualization that designs experts use to determine the hierarchy of crucial data points. click to learn how to get started with a pandemic comparison chart also to know about what is the trend of covid-19 based on a graph?

the sunburst chart is ideal for displaying hierarchical data. each level of the hierarchy is represented by one ring or circle with the innermost circle as a sunburst chart is a type of visualization that – just like treemap charts – works great for displaying hierarchical data. a sunburst chart the sunburst chart is part of the hierarchical chart family. it allows you to see at a glance the number of hierarchical levels that exist and the proportion, free sunburst chart template, free sunburst chart template, how to make a sunburst chart in excel, sunburst chart online free, alternative to sunburst chart.

use this chart if your goal is to display the hierarchy of world population with respect to continents, countries, regions, states, and cities. here’s the truth excel sunburst chart is a built-in chart available in excel 2016 that is used to display a hierarchical structure data in circular form. just download excel sunburst chart. [ezcol_1half] . download excel sunburst chart. [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]. [/ezcol_1half_end], sunburst chart example, excel sunburst chart not working.

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