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as i said, we need to insert two doughnut charts and a pie chart but before you start to create a speedometer, you need to arrange data for it. a speedometer or a gauge chart is one of the most used charts in kpis and dashboards. and that’s why i’ve not only shared the steps to create a dashboard but also mentioned those which you need to consider while it in your dashboards. hi i want live data to be connected to my speedometer eg.i want the dat from 0% to 100% if the live data change 0%percentle to 100% hi puneet, this is fantastic! def a lot of work to get setup for the first time but once setup i think it can be duplicated easily within the same workbook. can’t thank you enough for taking the time to draft this.

this is one of the best explanations of doing a speedometer and believe me – i’ve watched a lot on youtube. after reading your comment i was able to clear the issue. the best way is to use vba and shapes. i adjusted my labels to read 5; 15; 25 through 95. that way the pointer appeared to be in a more realistic position within the scale. i was searching for something like this for my work ,if you could explain me more on the third table and how does it work would be great. you could explain that the rest data in the third table is a formula depening on the other two values in that table.

this is a simple step, just select the data for speedometer and click on insert chart and select “doughnut” as chart type. that is why showing how to create a gauge chart in excel was probably not the best choice. that said, i should have added a section in the post suggesting possible uses for this chart. i once had a speedometer chart tutorial on my site, which i pulled down for the reasons outlined […] there is a better way to do this with one chart instead of two. what i have done in the past is to use this type of gauge in conjunction with a time period line chart to show the current status and the trend. in know that to using them, there is a lot of resistance amongst charting gurus, and i guess i have to appreciate what jon peltier has to say about them. when i wrote this post in 2008, i didnt know how to make a combination chart.

note ivan’s explanation for straying from the path of information visualisation rightousness is that a . if the numbers use the same scale or if they can be normalized, you might even be able to substitute a multiple category bar chart for a handful of bullets. a speedometer or gauge chart is exactly what i was seeking to quickly communicate how well the last week went to management. if i change the colour of the doughnut the indicator is not displaying on the doughnut.what to do for this? since then i am a regular visitor and follower of all the posts (almost). i really love your website and i think this is a useful chart! a couple of points: 1. i know it is the fashion to denigrate bosses and to casually assume that the higher up they are the dumber they get. it is not possible to automate it completely, however you can create a link in the box used to create the gauge containing the data concerned from your database and that you want to gauge.

in this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a simple gauge (aka speedometer or dial) chart in excel or download the free gauge template. an excel speedometer‌ chart is just like a speedometer with a needle which tells you a number by pointing it out on the gauge and that needle moves when there how to create speedometer/gauge chart templates in excel? go to the insert tab on the ribbon and in the charts group. choose doughnut as the chart type., .

1. specify the value range and parts you want the speedometer chart to show! 2. go to the insert tab on the ribbon, and in the charts group, click here to download the excel speedometer chart template and play around. 1. have your data ready. for a typical gauge or speedometer chart excel speedometer (speedo) charts can add visual appeal to an existing dashboard or be used as a stand-alone graph., .

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