Project schedule template

Project schedule template is a sample document that shows the project schedule process, project schedule procedure in managing the project implementation. A well designed project schedule sample can help both business and project manager to enhance project management and improve resource allocation.

Project Schedule Format

Project schedule sample needs to understand the general process of project management. There are three key steps to be performed before the proper project scheduling: activity definition, activity sequencing, activity duration. Defining activity is to identify the specific activities that must be performed to produce the various project deliverables. Activity Sequencing is to understand the interactivity dependencies between the activities. Activity Duration Estimating is to estimate the number of work periods which will be needed to complete. Understand the above three key areas will give the project managers a solid foundation for designing project schedule.

Project schedule example may consider the schedule development and control. Project schedule development is to analyze activity sequences, activity durations, and resource requirements to create the project schedule. It is important to know that the project processes interact with each other, for some projects, activity sequencing, activity estimating, and schedule development are so tightly linked that they are viewed as a single process.

Project Schedule Template

When developing your own project schedule sample, you need to consider the key ingredients in the project schedule template: Work breakdown structure,  activity sequencing, resources planning, schedule development and schedule control and monitor.

Work breakdown structure (WBS). When designing your project schedule, the work breakdown structure needs to further decomposed into smaller and manageable components. These small components are sequenced for further development of the project schedule.

Scheduled activities sequencing. Activities sequencing is one of the most difficult part in the project schedule design as many schedule activities have inherent interdependence and resources limitations. Project managers need to take all factors into account in order to make the project complete quickly.

Project Resources planning. Resources planning is to determining what quantity of a resource is required to complete the project work that it is assigned to. Resources could include people, equipment, material, etc. Estimates are usually provided by the person or group on the project team who is most familiar with the nature of the work to be estimated.

Project Schedule development. After the schedule activities and resources planning has been addressed, the project manager can start to develop a project schedule. the project schedule, that outlines when required work should start, when it is expected to be completed, and who will do the work.

Project schedule tracking. Schedule tracking is mainly concerned with managing the factors that create schedule change. This is done by monitoring such things as project variances, external factors, project progress, etc