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while an entrepreneur like her has the foresight to predict a cash cow before it blossoms, those within a business must be deeply analytical and see which products are currently winners versus duds. it makes it easy to analyze, track and optimize your product offering as it relates to a global customer base. analyze, track and optimize your product offerings, costs and roi by customer base with our product-customer wise analysis excel template. if you find this template useful, you’ll also want to check out our year wise analysis and competitor price analysis templates. start by customizing the database sheet according to your organizational products and customer list.

move to the raw data sheet and input orders. certain fields will carry over and provide drop-down lists rather than you typing it in from scratch, making it easier to record data points and less likely you make errors. charts and graphs (line, bar and pie) will sync up to your data, just click the refresh data button sheet to ensure it’s using your most recent data. this sort of data is far more digestible to colleagues, customers and bosses when it has context the ways visuals do. we’ve paired our profitability analysis spreadsheet with a power bi compatible dashboard that gives you further capabilities for filtering and analyzing your data. in the bottom right-hand corner is a section with a map that showcases your product, profitability and any one metric you want to view by geography.

this is the difference between the customer revenue and the costs of having business relationships with a specific customer. this article will show you how to easily perform a customer profitability analysis using this ready-made excel template. this customer profitability analysis template is a free template that works best with excel 2013 and has backward compatibility with earlier versions.

the main analysis category are customer activity, profitability analysis, cost of sales, other costs, and summary metrics. the sparklines make it easy for you to visualize your summary metrics, which contain average costs and profit data. aside from this, another feature of this customer profitability excel template is the summary metrics per customer segment, which comes in bar chart form, making it easy for you to see analysis and trends at a glance. this way, you can create a beautiful report that contains all the data necessary for you and your company to determine profitability according to your customer segments.

determine customer practicality of value with this simple accessible profitability analysis template in excel. the customer profitability analysis template sell more of the winners and less of the duds with our profitability analysis excel and google sheets template. this spreadsheet helps you identify your with this excel template, you can easily determine how much you will earn and benefit by taking care of particular customer relationships. this template also, .

enter product name, price, and unit cost in the product profitability analysis tab at the bottom of this spreadsheet. 8, 2. enter unit sales revenues and cost 9+ profitability analysis templates. 1. customer profitability analysis template. 2. profitability analysis in accounting template – use this customer profitability analysis excel template to determine customer profitability. this template also tracks active customers,, .

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