Production schedule template

Production schedule template is a sample document that shows the production process, production procedure and production tools for managing production time and cost. A well defined production schedule sample can help both manufacturing and engineers to improve operation efficiency.

Production Schedule Design

Production schedule sample should understand the relationship between production schedule and the master production schedule. The master production schedule (MPS) is a plan for the production of individual end items. It breaks down the production plan to show the quantity of each end item to be made. The level of detail for the MPS is higher than for the production plan. Whereas the production plan was based upon families of products, the master production schedule is developed for individual end items.

Production schedule example may take into account the material requirements schedule. The material requirements schedule is a plan for the production and purchase of the components used in making the items in the master production schedule. It shows the quantities needed and when manufacturing intends to make or use them. Purchasing and production activity control use it to decide the purchase or manufacture of specific items. The level of detail is high. The material requirements plan establishes when the components and parts are needed to make each end items.

Production Schedule Template

There are free schedule template you can download for reference, however, you may use software such as Word or Excel to create your sample production schedule template based on production planning requirements and needs. When designing your own sample template, you may consider the following key elements.

The first key factor is the production schedule overview. You need to give details of the production scope, production level and production deadline.

The second key factor is the work flow and action plan. In the section, you may list key steps and action and relevant scheduling. You may also need to give details of the resources needed such as the raw material, the staff and other resources. It is crucial to know that some activities for the production may dependent on each other and have limitations on the resources.

The third key factors in the schedule example is the monitor and control. The production schedule needs to establish a system for the uncertainties in the manufacturing environment. You may need to consider the unexpected things that may happen during the production process.