okr performance review template

the essence of okrs is simple: to break down ambitious objectives into clear, manageable, and measurable results. start with the overall strategy and vision of your business. the okr framework allows you to narrow down your strategy and focus on impactful initiatives.

the same applies to department and team goals: to keep alignment, okrs shouldn’t be a top-down decision. you can track, align, and collaborate on goals and okrs at all levels (i.e., company-wide, department/team-specific, and individual goals) with the leapsome platform.‍ our automated dashboards give people at all levels of your organization a clear overview of progress and make it easier to spot roadblocks and know what needs to be adjusted — or which goals and initiatives may need an extra push. the okr framework will help you maximize growth and equip your team with enthusiasm to overcome obstacles and stay motivated. the outcomes of this conversation will help you determine if you should take unmet okrs to a new cycle or leave them behind as learning opportunities.

at the same time, however, okr and performance management are often mentioned in the same breath, as both concepts revolve around increasing the organization’s performance. performance management (pm) is the process of ensuring that a set of activities and outcomes achieve an organization’s goals in an effective and efficient manner. in practice, the term performance management is used primarily in connection with performance appraisal and management and development of employees. another reason for the incompatibility between okr and pm is largely rooted in an outdated worldview of traditional performance management.

however, the new complexity and unpredictability of the world of work requires a focus on principles such as transparency, self-organization, and continuous improvement, with the goal of responding in real time to customer feedback and evolving requirements. it turns out that the elements of continuous performance management are highly compatible with the events of the okr process. however, it is crucial to make it unmistakably clear that the goals are not hardwired to compensation and performance evaluations of employees. in both cases, it’s worth looking at a dedicated okr software that also offers regular team check-ins to embed okrs in the organization, encourage collaboration among employees, stimulate discussions about goals, and facilitate continuous feedback.

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