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too often, young physicians don’t take the time to ensure that their cv is not only polished and error-free, but also an accurate reflection of important accomplishments that prospective employers care about. the basic content and suggested order of information appearance, for trainees seeking an initial practice opportunity, are as follows: all dated entries should be chronologically arranged on the page from present to past, in a month/year format. she added that potential candidates reaching out about a particular posted position should also ensure that the cv and cover letter clearly indicate relevance to the position of interest. that information is usually more appropriate for a cover letter or accompanying email note, unless its inclusion in the cv is requested.

regarding whether cover letters or explanatory notes should be supplied with cvs, the general consensus was that doing so is usually helpful and is definitely in the category of “can’t hurt.” at the very least, the accompanying document provides an opportunity for the physician to state why she or he is interested in either the organization or a posted position. the issue of whether to include a photo elicited varying responses, but most sources advised against including one — and definitely not embedded in the cv document — unless a photo is requested. besides, if a candidate proceeds to a site interview or even a formal pre-interview call, that detail will likely emerge in the context of a conversation, even though recruiters and individuals involved in hiring are prohibited by law from asking for such information. in most cases, residents’ cvs can and should be rendered in a few pages (three or fewer) unless the trainee happens to have an unusually extensive research or publishing history.

this section is your chance to summarise the rest of the cv and convince the recruiter to get in touch. i am a medical specialist in the field of [specific area], looking to further my medical career. this is your chance to talk about your academic qualifications and additional medical courses you have taken. this should be brief and, as a general rule of thumb, focus on the last five years of your career, or last three roles, in chronological order with the most recent at the top.

this section is not essential to include, but you may wish to depending on the role you are applying for. it can be a useful chance to show a little more of your personality. use these 7 stages of recruitment and selection to make your hiring and hr process as simple as possible. reed’s guide to remote working tells you everything you need to know about working from home – from how to manage your team to coping with your children.

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