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but if you want to build a strong, healthy brand—and own your portion of the market—it’s a mandatory exercise. luckily, if you’ve never done one before (or if you need to update your current competitive analysis), you’ve come to the right place. a strong competitive analysis helps you articulate the similarities and differences between your competition to help you identify the unique ways you can outshine them. the best time to do this is when you are launching or refreshing a brand, but if you’ve never done one at all, then now is the best time. if you’re refreshing or rebranding, you’ll want relevant stakeholders and a brand steward (someone who is in charge of overseeing the brand, whether it’s their formal title or not). do a brain dump of everyone you can think of in your space, including your archnemeses and people who could be perceived as competitors.

you can also print, email, or share the template with your team. just remember your goal is to identify similarities and differences, so use whatever language helps you do this. even if you do a high-level analysis, you’ll notice particular trends in the way your competitors do things, such as similar visual identities (e.g, in the video-streaming sphere, netflix and youtube both use red) or messaging (e.g., a focus on features instead of price). if you’re a new business, you might not have every item articulated, but that’s ok. this is a tool to help you identify how and where you can evolve. once you have a complete competitive analysis, you can refine your brand strategy (or build a new one) to help you effectively communicate who you are, what you do, and why it matters—so that you can own your place in the market. you can start with our guide to create a brand strategy (which also includes a free brand toolkit), or start with these next steps:  and if you need any help at any stage, consider bringing in expert support.

comparing your company or service with others will help your team to make a better strategy, deliver a more efficient plan business growth and have a clearer vision of the upcoming events in your organization. make sure to define what exactly will you be comparing and whether or not this information is available to the public. stay up to date with the existing and new tools to get all the data that you need. you will not use the same words or terms if it is directed to your team members or if it is for potential investors. this will visually display the other companies in your competitor analysis template, and it will make it easier for your viewers to identify them. here’s where social media will be your best companion. pay attention to their advertising strategy and find out who exactly they are addressing. having this information at hand will allow you to determine if you and your competitor are going after the same audience. take some time to analyze and sort all the social media channels of your competition.

these steps will aid in creating your voice: it should be original and compelling to stand out from other companies. what is your competition doing right? if there’s a way you can communicate with their customers (discretely), do it. learn what they did right, and replicate it. if they are your direct competition, you both will probably share the same opportunities and threats. analyze if their threats are also threats to you or if you can turn them into opportunities for your company. go for it! this competitor analysis template will be handy in many stages of your company’s growth, and it has to be frequently updated. there will still be concealed data that you won’t have access to, of course, but do your best to know your competitor and their upcoming decisions.

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