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not only should we plan for shoots with safety concerns in mind but we should also ensure that all stakeholders are briefed and familiar with the potential risks present on any filming location. a risk assessment form should be completed prior to each and every shoot to ensure that all risks are properly considered and that all precautions are taken.

it records the risks, the precautions which can be taken and the responsibilities of different crew members on set in relation to their own specific safety issues. when completed this form should be issued to all individuals who will be in attendance on the day of the shoot so that they are fully informed and up to speed on safety issues. insurers will often insist that risk assessments are carried out and the risk assessment form be completed in order for the insurance policy to be valid.

no film production is immune to safety issues. a risk assessment is an examination of what could cause harm on a particular shoot or at a specific location, so that the production company / producer can decide whether adequate control measures are in place to prevent harm. he also runs sprout, an award-winning production company that delivers content to a variety of international clients. there are two key types of document that any production company should have in place before production starts. the other is to have risk assessments for any productions or facilities. as an employer, however, you must appoint someone competent to help you meet your health and safety duties. a competent person is someone with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to manage health and safety.

note that for small-scale productions in low-risk situations, eg those involving small crews and where there is no opportunity to scout the location(s), it may be appropriate to finalise the assessment on the ground. filmsourcing does have a production risk assessment template that is available for our subscribers. as mentioned above in step 4, you should constantly review and update any risk assessments the resulting controls you put in place to make sure they are still working. it is also important to note that these articles and resources provide an introductory framework to production h&s. you need to communicate with the other members of your crew, ask them for feedback and re-evaluate constantly. filmsourcing production documents and templates are not intended as a substitute for professional or legal advice and are for educational purposes only. filmmaking documentation should always be customised to suit each production and the legislation of your country / area.

filming & photography generic risk assessment template. risk assessment for: specify whether filming or photography, give name of shoot. shoot date/time:. a simple guidance note and an example form are provided with this pack. completed forms should be retained for future reference. where the event consists of this risk assessment template helps the producer, location manager, 1st ad or production manager detail every aspect of the shoot from a safety, .

where do i start? you are going to follow four basic steps: identify the hazards and those affected by them; evaluate the risk of each of those hazards use our free risk assessment template for film to put in place a clear and actionable safety plan for your next production. a film risk assessment is a valuable production document that could even save someone’s life. this form protects the cast, crew and public from, .

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