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includes pdf book, spreadsheet and a tutorial on equipment risk assessment and equipment criticality using a simple risk matrix based method to identify risks and select the right risk controls you get an equipment risk assessment guidebook that explains production risk control along with a spreadsheet to do the equipment risk assessment and determine equipment criticality. the technique that you learn with the asset risk assessment book and tutorial can be applied to all your operating plant and equipment. the operating equipment risk assessment and equipment criticality pack gives you a risk based equipment criticality assessment methodology to systematically identify the level of risk your business carries from its production or operational equipment assets.

equipment risk assessment guidebook and equipment criticality tutorial includes explanatory book and excel spreadsheet for production risk management through determining equipment criticality the production risk assessment pack you get has a comprehensive ms excel spreadsheet equipment criticality example that becomes your working template to record your own operation’s asset risk assessment. the risk matrix you get is also a spreadsheet and provides great detail to let you gauge your operational asset risk and equipment criticality rating accurately. several risk assessment tools are introduced and explained to give you a comprehensive appreciation of the choices you have when selecting equipment risk assessment methods. from using very simple charts to select equipment risk management strategy through to giving you a detailed and profound investigation and analysis tool the production equipment risk assessment pack gives you great content and information to work with.

equipment criticality assessment is a key process in the development of any maintenance and reliability process. a practical means of conducting such assessments is i-quantum solutions’ visual risk tool—which is being used by companies across the globe for equipment criticality reviews. how visual risk worksan asset register or equipment list can be exported from any maintenance management system and uploaded via microsoft excel to the visual risk tool. the risk matrix display of equipment risk is viewed online for workshop reviews and interaction.

the quality and data security of the criticality assessment is significantly improved—i.e., error-free—with the internal data checks that are performed. any applicable technical drawing or document of the equipment and system can be uploaded to the application and displayed during the review process. cloning of similar equipment and associated risk scores significantly reduces the time to perform the criticality review process. a maintenance ranking and prioritization matrix can be incorporated to provide a direct link from the criticality assessment to the maintenance activity. mt to learn about i-quantum’s practical performance improvement processes and innovative solutions, visit, or email: manufacturing custom windows for architects is both an exacting business and an extremely cost-sensitive undertaking.

view the revision history of a criticality assessment via the risk matrix which of your systems, locations, and pieces of equipment are critical based asset criticality analysis leverages the standard meridium apm risk matrix that you can use to assess the criticality of your systems, locations, and pieces of 1, criticality assessment. 2, consequence of failure (cf), probability of failure (pf), criticality rating (cr). 3. 4, equipment tag no, .

the equipment risk assessment tools you get include a detailed risk matrix for categorising operating asset risk, a risk analysis spreadsheet to once the criticality number of each equipment is obtained, the criticality number is used to calculate the relative weights of each factor also called as reports are automatically generated in the following forms: risk matrix, risk pareto graph and criticality ranking tables. data can be exported, .

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