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this tutorial will demonstrate how to create a thermometer chart in all versions of excel: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. any time you need to track progress towards a goal—be it funding, sales, revenue, or other relevant metrics—this chart provides a simple and effective way to visualize that data. for illustration purposes, imagine you launched an e-commerce store as a side hustle and want to build a thermometer chart to keep track of the store’s performance against your stated revenue goal. before we move on to building the chart, we need to break down each data point so that you can easily retrace the steps using your data. as the linchpin holding it all together, each of the elements in the second table have their purpose. conversely, if the result (b6) exceeds the goal (b7), the formula returns the goal value (b7). we need to measure the progress as a percentage of the goal for our ultra-fancy label.

simply divide the result (b6) by the goal (b7) and format the output as a percentage—click the “percent style” button (home tab > number group). right-click on the data marker representing the “target revenue” (e2—the bottom section of the chart) and select “format data series.” now we need to spruce it up a bit. after you have set up the label, push it to the upper end of the related data marker. right-click each element and select “delete.” as you are putting the final touches on your chart, slim down the thermometer tube. increase the percentage if you want to slim it down more. after that, click the edge of the red tube once more to select series 2 “total revenue formula” (e3), placed on the primary axis. then right-click on the circle, and in the menu that appears, change the shape outline and shape fill colors to red.

the central element of the fundraising thermometer isn’t that it’s a big red literal thermometer. the answer is that it’s completely normal to change your targets, but, if you do it too often, it will seem disingenuous. this means that your campaign can rely on them to give you a visual reference for your campaign goals. if your campaign is being run out on the streets or from an office or classroom, then you can’t beat a traditional, printed thermometer. make sure you are keeping track of all of your donation pathways, and that they’re all syncing up to your thermometer.

make sure that you take advantage of that with a sharable action next to your thermometer. however, you should be linking back to your charity’s website in the description, and your website should definitely have a fundraising thermometer somewhere in it. the first step in this one is to concoct a phrased based on your fundraising cause. it also adds a bit of motivation to the people in your organization raising the funds: “we’ve got enough to make it to salt lake city. once you’re complete, fill in the entire church to signify that the building is whole and that you have succeeded in your efforts. another idea for a sports fundraising thermometer is to post fake standings, with your team at the bottom.

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