digital marketing competitor analysis template

these templates are also useful for analyzing the messages and channels other companies in your market use, so you can better understand their market presence and determine how to establish a competitive advantage. choosing the right type depends on the information you want to capture and how you will use your findings. document the basic, expected, augmented, and potential benefits of your product so you can define a strategy that sets you apart from the competition. this type of high-level analysis is helpful when you want to present a summary view to marketing and product leadership teams.

this template is a useful way to organize competitive research about all of your rivals in a single location. this template helps you distill the key messages other companies in your market use to attract and engage potential customers. this gives you important insights into how competitors are targeting potential customers and the messaging they use, so you can identify ways to strengthen your communication plan. this template helps you summarize the unique differentiators that set your offering apart and the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor.

the competitor research casts light on what other brands in your niche are doing to acquire and retain customers. the goal is to unravel the full scope of paid and organic digital strategies your competitors are running at the moment. facebook even has a free tool to peek inside the kitchen of your competition. you can discover new phrases related to your brand, see how often the public searches certain words, and plan your ad spent accordingly. you can unravel duplicate or thin page content, as well as the status of all links to and from a page.

then, perform a search to see what your competitors rank for and how they target trophy keywords with content. at this step, you’d need to spend time on the competitive webpages, see what types of content and formats they use, and how you can stand out. mark the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a framework that can show you the path ahead. the final effort is to put all your collected data and insights in one document you can share with stakeholders. simply get in touch and we’ll get the wheels turning.

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