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it is used to present most forms of data into graphic design so that the relationship (or lack thereof) between two or more things can be better understood. the best and most effective sample charts are those that are accurate, informative, and visually appealing. shared below are best practices when it comes to chart-making. different types of charts are used to present different kinds of data. it is best to use basic bar charts for them. use line charts if you are representing countable yet related measurements. and then, choose the right chart type based on this information. use color to help distinguish the different variables used in your chart. for example, when making workflow charts and process charts, you need to use different colors to distinguish different parts of a process, event, or action.

anyone reading a properly colored flow chart can then easily determine at which part of the process he/she is on. when it comes to chart design, it is best to opt for clean and simple design themes. if you need to embed your chart to a document or project presentation, choose a design theme that matches the target document. if your bar and line charts already have corresponding labels on its x and y axes, you do not have to add labels on the graph itself. this applies to whether you are creating complicated gantt charts to simple seating charts and chore charts. if you are making your company’s organizational chart, for example, you may need to ask for the list of your management team along with their right designations and name spellings. the latter helps to organize the business structure in a hierarchy, and the former chart defines the process a work needs to undergo before its completion. the primary purpose of a chart is to communicate complex data clearly to the spectators and encourages further analysis and study of a subject. charts are essential sources to project and represent data in any platform for better public understanding and communication.

and, by making complicated information accessible, data visualization can provide your team with actionable insights – and reveal unexpected patterns in your performance indicators. with moqups, you can quickly create a variety of graphs – from pie and donut charts to bar or line charts, and more. with moqups online chart maker, anyone in your team can explore the existing data imaginatively.

and most importantly, your team will create charts online with the same app they use to create their other assets like wireframes, diagrams, and prototypes. our online chart maker is just one way moqups helps companies leverage their collective experience – and include all stakeholders in the visualization process. with only one app, your team can create all kinds of assets, visualize anything, and keep all your specifications and requirements in one place. you can quickly link them to other visual assets like wireframes, mockups, charts, and graphs – all within the same moqups project!

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