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the most important and most relevant aspects of you phd cv should be at the top. this is due to the additional sections and information that may be required for academia. this could be in the form of bullet points, short sentences, or a short paragraph. research experience is arguably the most important part of an academic cv. i have research experience in molecular biology laboratories at the universities of aberdeen and dundee, developing relevant skills such as pcr, genetic cloning, protein purification, and protein crystallisation. teaching is an increasingly important part of academia, and teaching skills or experience are useful to have on an academic cv (provided they are relevant to the application).

some of the same sections as a general cv should be included in an academic cv. for an academic cv, this is an important section and usually is found near the top of the cv. if you are shortlisted for a phd interview, you may be asked to discuss the contents of your cv. in the uk, usa and canada, a photo should not be included. the format of the cv should always be clear, with a readable, normal-sized font and line-spacing where possible. advice from someone who is experienced in the research field – perhaps a phd graduate themselves – who can offer discipline-specific help on the academic cv will be particularly useful.

below are sample materials to help guide the creation of your cv, resume, and cover letter. as is the case for all application materials, your cv should be tailored to each job opportunity and should emphasize your strongest qualifications. to increase your chances of making the short list, you should prepare an attractive cv that clearly and succinctly identifies the qualifications that make you a good fit for the position. select a format that best showcases your qualifications in relation to the job you seek. in addition, someone with old but very relevant experience should not choose this format as it will bury a strength at the end of the resume.

actual job titles and dates of experience are simply listed at the top or bottom of the resume without accompanying descriptions. this format is most useful for people changing careers and for those who have little work experience because it emphasizes transferable skills and deemphasizes gaps in employment or a lack of experience. as with the modified chronological resume, sometimes job seekers have to be creative in grouping their skills for this format. the role of the cover letter (a.k.a.. “letter of interest” or “letter of application”) is to interpret your qualifications for the reader to convince him or her of your suitability for an advertised position or a potential employment opportunity. instead think of it as a mini-thesis in the sense that it allows you to make an argument for your fit for the job or line of work.

tips and samples. the basics. the curriculum vitae, also known as a cv or vita, is a comprehensive statement of your educational background, teaching, and example of an academic cv for phd application—research objective. ma student in journalism and social communication at anytown university, this is a very strong description of his role. responsibilities: z elected representative of the ph., cv for phd application sample pdf, sample cv for lecturer position in university doc, phd cv example uk, phd cv example uk, academic cv example.

research experience, leadership, technical experience, writing and editing, marketing), and lists them in reverse chronological order within each category. the structuring your cv personal statement – a brief introductory summary of your qualifications, skills and experience in relation to the phd. core skills – a, curriculum vitae example, graduate cv example pdf.

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