curriculum vitae indian format

this guide has the tips, examples, & format requirements needed to write the perfect indian cv. india has a particular work culture, as well as a specific set of expectations when it comes to cv. photo: it is best to include a professional passport-sized picture of yourself in your indian cv. a picture is not mandatory, according to vaishali jain from get my resumes, but including one can add a level of authenticity and professionalism to your cv, and many recruiters will ask for one anyway. name, home address, email address, and phone number are all expected, of course.

these details are optional, but if you feel they will help your chances feel free to include them. include the start and end dates of each position, as well as the company name and location. use bullet points to keep your descriptions clear and concise. briefly note your area of study, institution of study, the date of your graduation, and your academic achievements. references: it is not necessary to include references in your resume. the job of a good resume is to get you an interview, so make sure your indian resume is impressive and will make employers want to bring you in for an interview.

want to save time and have your cv ready in 5 minutes? it works as a “trailer” for the rest of your cv. pick the most impressive bits of your cv and your best professional achievements and compile them into a 3 to 5-sentence paragraph. recruiters will appreciate your well-organized layout, and it’ll give you a good chance of passing the applicant tracking software (ats) cv scan. each ats software is slightly different, but a clear layout with larger headings and relevant keywords will always help your cv pass the initial scan.

you just need to add the contents and our cv creator will take care of the rest. newcast is a great cv format for candidates across all professions and levels of experience. if you still think creating a skills-based cv might be right for you, see the table below for a detailed comparison of the reverse chronological cv and the functional cv formats. this cv format gives you the chance to add more details to your cv as it has a dedicated column for the skills section. drop me a line in the comments and i’ll get back to you straight away. a lot of people use the terms ‘cv’ and ‘resume’ interchangeably.

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printing. indian resume format uses white a4 size sheets of paper. print only on one side of the paper. never fold your resume. use a laser if you are more into clean and minimalistic format then you should go with the simple resume format. this kind of resume is more apt if you are applying for a chronological resume format initially, write about your current job or most recent job followed by second last, third last, and so on. include your position,, student resume format pdf download, curriculum vitae format for freshers.

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