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the curriculum development template is designed to make your curriculum development journey collaborative, iterative, and fun by allowing faculty and industry stakeholders to share their ideas and provide feedback throughout this process: define, visualize, and map. start your journey by defining your program student learning outcomes (slos) and stating university common learning outcomes (clos), which scaffolds course sequencing. then, work to create a visual representation of your four-year curriculum, including electives and concentration/specialization areas, so your team can see how your curriculum builds by semester and year. finally, spell out assessment criteria (i.e.,success measures) for each of your slos. then, map all program courses too each slo to see where an outcome is introduced and reinforced throughout your curriculum — providing the checks and balances needed to be confident that your curriculum aligns with your program and school’s mission, vision, and strategy.

whether you’re designing a course for the classroom or conference room, figjam templates help you nail down measures of success and connect your curriculum to the bigger picture. share the wealth (of knowledge): create a communal pool of information so the whole team can incorporate past experiences into future projects. planning an engaging, interactive curriculum is a group effort. our editable curriculum development template brings your team’s best ideas to the desk. keep the brilliance going with more templates designed to unlock new insights and combine diverse perspectives.

standard 7-step curriculum development starts with a question: what is course curriculum used for, and how can we ensure it fulfills its purpose? does your team require new skills to complete projects? conduct student assessments or analyses to pinpoint areas of growth, if necessary. 5. create a rough draft of your curriculum, including the methods you’ll use to teach the selected content. put it to the test in a mock classroom setting. in determining how to create a curriculum for a course, consider each of the three major curriculum types and their purposes: refine, refine, and keep refining.

the following blank templates allow curriculum writers to begin their process by identifying the specific colorado academic standards the author intends to learn how to create an effective curriculum map with these templates used by over 20000+ schools to layout their curriculum maps. all curriculum templates include learning objectives. these can be drawn from common core standards or reflect the educational standards used by your school, curriculum map template doc, curriculum map template doc, curriculum planning template free, curriculum map template google docs, sample curriculum plan.

we offer word and google doc versions of our planning templates at all levels, from curriculum mapping to lesson plans. see the files below to download a in curriculum design, teachers can make use of the many forms of inquiry to promote understanding for our students. what questions really engage students? design curriculum aligned with learning outcomes and determine course assessment the curriculum development template is designed to make your curriculum, .

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