Construction schedule template

Construction schedule template is a sample schedule document that shows the construction process, construction procedure and construction tools for managing the construction development. A well drafted construction schedule sample can help both the business and construction contractor to improve work efficiency and effectiveness.

Construction Schedule Design

Construction schedule sample can use bar chart to demonstrate the progress of construction projects. There are many ways to show the construction schedule, but the bar chart may be the simplest one. When you develop the construction bar chart, you will show the list of activities, specify the start date, duration of the activity and completion date of each activity on the bar chart. Bar chart is widely used in the construction industry for the construction schedule due to its simplicity and adaptability.

Construction schedule example can use the critical path methods for managing construction projects. Critical path methods demonstrate the flow of the construction project and shows the relationship between the key activities. With the Critical Path Method, the time frame is to be specified for the tasks to be completed so that the next activities will not be avoided. It is important to understand that construction schedule generated using critical path techniques is not realized precisely, as estimations are used to calculate times.

Construction Schedule Template

There are free schedule samples you can download for reference, however, you may create your sample construction schedule template based on construction project needs and requirements using common software such as Word or Excel. In the construction scheduling process, you need to consider there key elements: the roles of each parties involved, the relationship between master schedule and sub-schedule and the uncertainties.

Understanding the roles of different parties. In a typical construction project, many parties are involved: the general contractor, the owner, the architect or engineer (which could be several entities), subcontractors, government agencies, vendors, and so forth. In this situation, you may build a master schedule that includes several subschedules: Each subschedtue represents the activities belonging to one party involved in the project.

Expect the uncertainties in the construction project scheduling. construction schedules are created on the basis of available information. Reality is never fully known in advance. Every schedule includes some assumptions and guessed information. We start with the known information and complement it with assumptions. One common practice is to show a construction activity as one bar without details. Once a contractor is chosen, he or she will submit a detailed construction schedule that should fit within the time frame of that single bar.