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microsoft 365 compliance is now called microsoft purview and the solutions within the compliance area have been rebranded. the template tab is required. you can add your own column after the four columns to provide your own dimensions. title: this is the title for your template, which must be unique. the data you insert in the product and certification cells can’t be edited after you import the spreadsheet to create or customize a template. you can’t have multiple controls with the same name in the spreadsheet. the same controlfamily can also be listed in multiple templates, though they have no relation to each other.

controltitle: provide a title for the control. every control you list must include at least one existing action, and the action may be defined in the actions tab of the same spreadsheet, be in a different template, or be created by microsoft. the title you provide must be unique. this description title allows you to have the same action in multiple templates and surface a different description in each template. in most cases, you can put the name of the template you’re creating in this field. any dimensions you include here will be used as filters in compliance manager and appear on the improvement actions details page in compliance manager. the columns for this tab are listed below: when you export an existing template, the exported spreadsheet will have the dimensions tab, which lists all the dimensions used in the template.

a template is a framework of controls for creating an assessment in compliance manager. we refer to templates by the same name as their underlying certification or regulation, such as the eu gdpr template and the iso/iec 27701:2019 template. select the quantity of licenses you wish to purchase and your payment plan. if your organization has a commercial license for compliance manager, you can learn how to start your trial at about the free trial for microsoft purview compliance manager premium assessments. the counter displays the number of templates in use out of the number you’re eligible to use according to your licensing agreement.

the assessment templates page in compliance manager displays a list of templates and key details about them. the process is similar to the template creation process in that you’ll upload a formatted excel file with your template data. compliance manager offers the option to add your own controls and improvement actions to an existing template. you’ll need to export a template in order to modify it, since this will be the excel file you edit and upload in the modification process. to get such a report, see the instructions for exporting an assessment report.

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